Strength for Today

Isaiah 33:22
“For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.”

In everyone’s life there will come a time when they will wonder if everyone and everything is against them. Nobody is immune to attacks and hardships. I can recall a couple of times in my life when I wondered if my situation would ever end. The phone would ring and I didn’t want to answer it for I wondered if it was the next shoe that would drop. I remember going to my meetings and have people hedge about the question that they really wanted to ask me. That question was about the situation that God sent into my life. Yes, those times can seem overwhelming, and you may wonder if it will ever end. Let me encourage you that it will end. These situations that I have faced in my life have ended, and now that I look back at them I learned that God’s guiding and caring hand was there for me as I went through them. Now that I look back at those situations, I see that the verse above is the recipe that you need to help you through these kinds of times.

The first thing you need to realize is that God will recompense those who are wrong. Notice the verse above says, “For the LORD is our judge,…” Christian, you may be falsely attacked, but God will make them pay for what they do. You may even have done wrong and even deserve God’s punishment, but the treatment by fellow Christians is unwarranted. Let me again remind you that God will judge them for what they are doing. You will just have to take solace in the fact that one day they will pay. Job didn’t understand his friends attacking him when he was going through his trials, but God judged them for what they did. I’m sure Naboth didn’t understand why he had to die when Ahab was the one who did wrong. Yet, God recompensed Ahab for his wickedness. Others treatment towards you may be wrong, but you must trust that God will judge.

The second thing you need to realize is that God will defend. Notice the verse above says, “…the LORD is our lawgiver,…” If God is the one Who sets the rules, then that means He will take the side of the one who obeys those rules and will fight against those who disobey those rules. You may think that nobody is defending you, but God will defend you if you do right. You just need to keep doing what you are supposed to do, and trust that God will protect you from the attack of the enemy.

The third thing you need to realize is that God is in control. The verse above says, “…the LORD is our king;…” Because He is king, He is in control. This has probably been the most comforting thought to me when I’ve faced hardships. To know that God is in control is to know that it will eventually come out right. Christian, you may not understand everything that you face, but you must simply keep in mind that God is in control.

Because God will recompense, defend, and is in control, you must not fret the battle, for He will save you. I don’t know what battle you may be facing today, but God will save you. Don’t let the battle cause you to quit, simply take solace in the fact that God will save you from whatever it is you are facing today.