30 years with the Same Pastor

A wonderful start to the revival meeting at the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Reno, NV. They are celebrating 30 years in existence with the same pastor. Pastor Randy Ralstin started the church with his parent 30 years ago, and the LORD has used them to be a lighthouse to “sin city.” God blessed our day, in spite of the snow. The Holy Spirit’s presence was evident starting in the Sunday school hour, and was present in both the morning and evening services. The music was exceptional, and the spirit of reception was evident in every service. God blessed us with full altars and 2 baptisms.

It is always a privilege to be a part of a place that believes and practices the old paths. I respect that Pastor Ralstin has not compromised the old paths for the sake of bigger crowds and social acceptance among the “brethren.” When others say that Sunday school, soul winning, bus ministry and standards don’t work, he has stood and never wavered.

We have two more nights of this 2017 revival meeting here in Reno. Join us if you are in the area, or if you can’t be here, please pray that the LORD will continue to move.

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