A Child’s Conspiracy

2 Samuel 15:12
“And Absalom sent for Ahithophel the Gilonite, David’s counsellor, from his city, even from Giloh, while he offered sacrifices. And the conspiracy was strong; for the people increased continually with Absalom.”

Absalom’s conspiracy to remove his father from the throne of Israel can be traced back to one incident that he thought his father didn’t handle right. Absalom’s heart towards his father changed when David didn’t handle the situation with Tamar and Amnon according to how Absalom thought it should have been handled. Absalom became a bitter and spiteful man the moment that David didn’t have Amnon killed.

The actions that Absalom’s rebellion caused were all because he didn’t feel his father did things right. It was after David didn’t have Amnon killed that Absalom felt that he needed to right all of his father’s wrongs. This is why Absalom had Amnon killed. This is why Absalom led a conspiracy to take over the kingdom. This is why Absalom removed Joab from being the general of the Army. This is why Absalom actually wanted David killed. This conspiracy all goes back to a son feeling his father didn’t handle one situation right. The bitterness in Absalom’s heart led to his attempt to remove David from the history books of Israel, but the only thing it removed was Absalom’s future potential.

The sad part about Absalom’s conspiracy was how many people it affected. It caused some to lose their lives in the battle. His conspiracy led others to rebel against the God-chosen king. His conspiracy led a whole nation to act out of evil to remove all the good that David had done. His conspiracy caused the rebellious people in David’s kingdom to feel they could take back the throne of Israel. His conspiracy set a precedent for future generations not to follow God’s anointed.

Sadly, there are those today who have a conspiracy to remove the landmarks of their father’s because of how they feel their parents didn’t do things the way they ought to do them. Let me remind you that you are not God’s gift to children. If you are so right about your parents not doing right, you wouldn’t want to destroy them, but you would pray for them. It is wrong for a child to try to remove their parent’s name from the works they inherited just because they feel their parents didn’t do something right. Rebellion is never right no matter how you frame it.

Moreover, if your parents were wrong in how they did something, it doesn’t make it right for you to do them wrong. Another’s wrong doesn’t give you a right to do wrong against them. Two wrongs never make something right; rather, two wrongs make things twice as damaging. The best way to right the wrong of your parents is to just do right.

Furthermore, you are to honor your parents. Criticizing and trying to remove the good they have done is not honoring them, but it is evil and rebellious. You are nothing more than an Absalom if you’re trying to remove your parent’s name from everything you inherited.

Finally, you will find that rebelliousness against your parents teaches future generations to rebel, and rebelliousness adversely influences your every thought. It is better to let the LORD deal with the wrongs of your parents than for you to feel the need to right those wrongs. The best thing you can do is to stay busy doing right and let God deal with the “wrongs” of the past.

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