A Chosen Inheritance

1 Chronicles 28:5
“And of all my sons, (for the LORD hath given me many sons,) he hath chosen Solomon my son to sit upon the throne of the kingdom of the LORD over Israel.”

David reviews to the people of Israel how God chose him to be king over Israel. He reminded the people that of all the tribes of Israel, God chose to bless the tribe of Judah with the throne of Israel. He reminded them of all the families in the tribe of Judah, God chose his family to be the royal family. He reminded Israel that of all the children of his father, God chose him to be the king over Israel. David was not gloating; rather, he was reminding Israel of how blessed he was to be the one whom God chose to sit on the throne of Israel and for his family to have such a chosen inheritance.

However, David also revealed to Israel that of all of his children, God chose Solomon to be the son to “sit upon the throne of the kingdom of the LORD over Israel.” Solomon was privileged to be the one chosen to carry on the inheritance that was given to him by God. It was in Solomon’s hand to carry on the blessings that his father gave him to the next generation, or his actions could ruin the chosen inheritance and cause his children to receive a disgraced inheritance. Several lessons are taught in this verse that should bring caution to every second-generation believer.

First, whatever good you inherited, it is not your inheritance. Notice that Solomon wasn’t sitting on his throne, but on the “throne of the kingdom of the LORD.” The sooner you realize that everything you have is the LORD’s, the quicker you will start living according to how the LORD wants you to live. The life you have been given is not yours, but the LORD’s.

Second, you didn’t get your inheritance because of what you have done. Let me remind you that inheriting a good heritage has nothing to do with you. You have no reason to be boastful about yourself because of what your parents have done. It is of God’s mercy that He gave you the parents you have. Just because your parents may be someone whom God has used mightily doesn’t make you someone special.

Third, just because God blessed your parents doesn’t mean that He will establish you. God’s blessings on Solomon’s life were totally dependent upon how he lived. Yes, the promise to David would continue forever, but the blessings on Solomon’s life were dependent upon how he lived for the LORD. Likewise, God’s establishment of one’s life is not passed from one generation to the next, but His establishment of an individual is determined by whether they live for God and obey His commandments.

Fourth, God holds you accountable for your actions and not for the actions of your parents. You are your own entity in God’s eyes, and how God looks at you is not determined by what your parents have done whether good or bad. The best thing you can do if you have a chosen inheritance is to take the blessings of that inheritance and use it for the LORD. God will bless you like He blessed your parents if you will do what they did to get His blessings on their lives.

Fifth, your future is as bright as your heart, actions and determination to seek the LORD. My friend, look at life as if you are starting with nothing, and determine that you will do your best to give to your children a blessed inheritance. God looks at every individual as their own entity; therefore, you start your life out from ground zero. God’s blessings can continue if you choose to do right and serve Him.

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