A Godly Leader’s Prayer

1 Kings 4:29
“And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore.”

A leader’s heart is quickly revealed by the petitions for which they ask God. Godly leaders pray to help God’s people; selfish leaders pray to acquire. At the beginning of Solomon’s reign, he had a heart for God and a great desire to help God’s people. He understood the magnitude of the throne which he inherited, and his initial desire was to fulfill the wishes of God as he led.

God told Solomon in 1 Kings 3:5, “Ask what I shall give thee.” This was an open-ended command to Solomon, and unbeknownst to him, it was God’s way of seeing Solomon’s heart. Solomon’s heart desire was that he had the wisdom to lead God’s people so that they would walk “in truth.” The verse above was God’s answer to Solomon’s prayer, but the verse above also shows what every leader should pray for as they lead God’s people.

First, every leader should pray for God’s wisdom to lead. Leaders make scores of decisions every day, and there is no way that any leader can have the wisdom to properly know what to do in each situation. Every decision has a consequence tomorrow, and a leader needs to have God’s wisdom to be sure that the decisions they make don’t take people away from walking in truth. The only way to make the right decisions with each decision is to have God’s wisdom.

Second, every leader should pray for God’s understanding. Understanding is the process by which something needs to be done. It is not enough to just know what you should do, but you also need to know the process by which you should do it. When a person knows the process by which God’s work is done, it is then that they can teach others what to do and why they should do it. Many people do the right things, but they don’t know why those things are the right things to do. Your desire should not only be to know what to do in each circumstance of life, but it should also be to have an understanding of the process of what God wants you to do.

Third, every leader should pray for largeness of heart. Every leader must grow with God’s blessings if they are going to be able to handle the work of God. There are three areas where you need largeness of heart. You first need a heart that can handle God’s work. Many people become so overwhelmed with the work of God that they quit doing what brought the growth to God’s work. My friend, we don’t need God’s work to stop growing. Instead of quitting on God, you need to pray that God grows your heart so that you can handle the work that you are doing for Him.

Moreover, you need a heart that grows for the people you lead. A heart that grows to love people is critical to handling the work of God without running over people. A leader must never lose sight that the work is about God and people, and not about the size it becomes. Your prayer should be that your heart grows to love the people you lead more.

Furthermore, you need a heart that grows with God’s work. In other words, you need a heart that never loses a vision to do more for God. Having a heart of faith that never becomes satisfied with where you are is vital to not becoming apathetic in God’s work. You must ask God to give you a heart that never stops dreaming so that you don’t spiritually die.

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