A Heart of Stone


1 Samuel 25:37 “But it came to pass in the morning, when the wine was gone out of Nabal, and his wife had told him these things, that his heart died within him, and he became as a stone.”

Nabal will always be looked on through history as a bad character because of his heart of stone. He didn't seem to care that David cared for his wife. When his wife conveyed to him what David did in helping her, he had no concern because he had a heart of stone. Nabal’s heart became harder and harder as it died. Eventually, his heart became as stone, and the result was that he physically died.

What is sad is that many believers tend to be like Nabal who have a heart of stone. I don't understand people who have a heart of stone for the lost of this world. I don't understand people who don't have a heart for their fallen brother. I don't understand any believer who can see the billions in this world who are on their way to Hell and do nothing about it. I have been around people who seem to hate everything about the LORD’s work, and their impact on others is limited if not destroyed. My friend, you cannot have a heart of stone towards the lost, the fallen believer, and the LORD’s work and expect to make any difference with your life. You are dying a slow death if you have a heart of stone.

So, what is this heart of stone? A heart of stone is a heart that nothing moves you. A stone is hard, and nothing penetrates it. A stone has no emotion because it is hard. When you pound a stone, the only thing that happens is that it either breaks or crumbles as it is pounded. In other words, you can pound the heart of stone with preaching, but it is never moved. Anyone who has a heart of stone towards people or the LORD’s work will not only die a slow spiritual death, but they will also find themselves broken and bitter towards the preaching of God’s Word.

My friend, it is a choice to let your heart become like stone. Job said in Job 23:16, “For God maketh my heart soft,…” If God makes the heart soft, then you make your heart hard. It is your choice to let God make your heart soft through the hardships, trials, teaching and preaching of the Word of God that He sends your way, or to let these things make your heart as stone. You are the one who chooses to have a heart of stone.

Moreover, you don't lose your heart immediately; you lose it slowly. Your heart wasn’t immediately as stone, but it becomes as stone. The word “became” in the verse above signifies that it happened over time. It was the first time Nabal hardened his heart that led to his heart of stone, and it is the first time you refuse the Holy Spirit’s prodding in your heart that leads to a heart of stone. Your heart won’t become as stone immediately, but it happens as you refuse to deal with those issues that God is dealing with you about.

The sad part about a heart of stone is that it has no care for others, and neither does it care for what is happening around it. When sin doesn't bother you, you are developing a heart of stone. When people going to Hell doesn’t grip your heart, you are developing a heart of stone. You have a heart of stone when no cause can move you. My friend, the heart of stone is careless because it is only wrapped up in itself, but the result of a heart of stone is eventual death. Only God can make the heart of stone soft again. Change your heart at the first sign of a heart of stone. You are worthless to yourself and others as long as your heart is as stone.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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