A John Attitude

John 1:27
“He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe’s latchet I am not worthy to unloose.”

There is a reason the LORD was able to use John the Baptist, and that reason was his attitude. The spirit of John’s attitude was one that mirrored a person who was filled with the Holy Ghost. There is no doubt as to why God was able to use John, and why He chose him to be the forerunner for Christ. It was John’s attitude that allowed him to be forever remembered as the important person who paved the way for Christ’s ministry. If you want God to use you, you are going to have to have the same attitude that John had. Let me point out six attitudes that John had that every person must have if they want God to use them.

First, it is an attitude of humility. John had an attitude that said, “I am not worthy…” One of the biggest reasons God can’t use many believers is because they feel they should have the preeminence and glory for everything that is done. A spirit of humility will always magnify a believer’s ministry; whereas, a spirit of preeminence will always minimize their ability to influence. You must have a humble spirit if you want God to use you.

Second, it is an attitude of service. When John said that he was unworthy to unloose the shoe latchet of Christ, he was revealing his spirit of service. God can’t use the individual who thinks everyone must serve them. It is the believer with a servant’s attitude that makes them useful to God. The servant’s attitude is a must in the work of the LORD; however, this spirit will never be obtained without having an attitude of humility.

Third, it is an attitude of selflessness. John was never jealous of someone else being preferred before him. You should always have a spirit that prefers others to get the blessing and preeminence before you. A selfless attitude will drive away a selfish attitude. There is no place for selfishness in the work of the LORD. The people whom God uses the most are selfless people who are happy when others can receive the glory for work that is done.

Fourth, it is an attitude of rejoicing when others are used. John rejoiced that Jesus’ ministry was greater than his, even though his ministry was started first. God can’t use you if you can’t rejoice when those you help pass you up and are used in a greater way. God will use the believer greatly who is thrilled that others they used to help are doing greater works than they. Let me ask you; do you get excited when those you lead do something better than you? You should! God can use you much better and in a greater way if you are thrilled when those you influenced are doing something greater than you have ever done.

Fifth, it is an attitude of proper perspective. John understood that Christ must be preeminent in one’s life. You will limit God’s ability to use you as long as Christ is not the hub of your life which everything must revolve around. When you make Christ first in everything that you do is when God can do with you whatever He wants.

Sixth, it is an attitude of whatever is best is best. John was okay with his disciples following Christ, even though losing them would hurt his ministry. A great test of God’s ability to use you is if you are okay with whatever is best even when what is best may hurt you. My friend, when you can get this attitude, you will find all of John’s attitudes will be achieved.

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