A Judas Moment

Luke 22:3
“Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve.”

One would wonder how Judas could ever come to the point where he was willing to betray the Saviour, the One whom he followed for three years. Jesus had never done anything wrong to Judas, but he still came to the point where it didn’t bother him to betray Jesus to those who wanted to kill him. What was it that led Judas to this moment?

First, he allowed himself to be influenced by another. The verse above says, “Then entered Satan into Judas…” He walked for three years with the One who could influence him for right, but he allowed himself to be influenced by a wrong influence. You must carefully guard the influences in your life if you want to avoid having a Judas moment. All it takes for you to start thinking wrong is to have one wrong influence in your life. It doesn’t matter if every influence in your life is good but one, it is the one bad influence that begins to sow its seed into your heart to bring you to a Judas moment.

Second, Judas went his way. Going his own way instead of following the LORD’s way became the second greatest mistake of Judas’ life. When your decisions are based on what you want instead of what the LORD wants, you will soon find yourself on the pathway to betrayal. It should never be about your way in the believer’s life; rather, it should always be about doing things the LORD’s way.

Third, Judas ran with the wrong crowd. Verse 4 says that Judas “…communed with the chief priests and captains…” When you start doing things your way, you will soon find yourself in a crowd that has no desire to do things for the LORD. You can’t run with the wrong crowd without their thoughts and actions influencing you for wrong. My friend, don’t fall into the trap of trying to get ideas and philosophies from the wrong crowd. Why would you want ideas from the crowd that wants to destroy your crowd? You can’t run with the wrong crowd without eventually joining them in their wrong actions.

Fourth, Judas sought ways to betray. You will soon find yourself looking at what is wrong with your crowd when you are running with the wrong crowd. You can always find a “good reason” to betray those who you have run with for so long, but your “good reason” is only an excuse to betray your crowd. If you would stop looking for what is wrong with your crowd, you might see the good that your crowd is doing.

Fifth, Judas made money the focal point for decisions and philosophy. Evil is always the result when money becomes your focus of decisions and actions. (1 Timothy 6:10) Money has a way of making you justify your wrong decisions and actions because you don’t want to offend the source of your money. The greatest antidote to keeping money from becoming your focal point is to learn to walk by faith.

Sixth, Judas became deceptive in his relationships. You are one step away from betraying the right crowd when lying to those you run with no longer bothers you. You will always find yourself believing your own lies when you justify your lies to justify your actions.

Are you on any of these six steps to a Judas moment? If you don’t want to have a Judas moment in your life, you had better guard yourself from any one of these steps.

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