A Parent’s Awareness


Luke 2:44 “But they, supposing him to have been in the company, went a day's journey; and they sought him among their kinsfolk and acquaintance.”

One of the great mistakes parents make is that they assume they know where their children are and what their children are doing. One of the things that has always amazed me throughout my ministry are parents who allow their children to run around the church property and have no idea what their children are doing. Many of these parents are good people, but they assume that their children are doing the right thing and are safe because they are on the church property. I have learned over the years that just because you are at church does not mean that you shouldn’t know where your children are and what they are doing. Many churches are in neighborhoods or locations where people can quickly come through and harm your children, and for you not to know where your children are could bring great heartache if you don't change this bad habit.

Joseph and Mary made this mistake by supposing that Jesus was with them as they traveled with their family. What is amazing is that it took them a day to figure out that they left Jesus in Jerusalem. I am not saying that Joseph and Mary were bad parents because they certainly were not, but they did make a critical mistake that many parents today make in supposing that Jesus was with them. They should have known where Jesus was and what He was doing, but because they felt safe with their family, they allowed their assumption to assure them that their child was safe. Had they known where Jesus was, they would have known that He was safe.

You MUST always know where your children are at all times. My parents required me to let them know where I was at all times, and they periodically checked up on me to make sure that I was there. When I started working, they showed up on the job site just to make sure that I was there. I know that some are rolling their eyes as they read this because they think you need to trust your children. The greatest mistake you will make is fully trust your child’s word that they will ALWAYS be where they are supposed to be. One reason you are a parent is that you are to be sure you know where your children at all times. It only takes one time for a child to be exposed to the wrong people or to sin. It is that one time that you don't know where your child is that Satan will use to expose your child to sin. It is your responsibility and duty as a parent always to know where your children are; don't suppose you know where they are.

You also need to know what your children are doing all the time. Too many parents trust their children and don't know what their children are hiding. An old man told me years ago never to trust my children and to check up on them so that I know what they are doing. You must know what your children are doing with their friends. You must check the digital devices that your children use to be sure that they are not hiding something that they shouldn’t be doing. You must check the child’s bedroom periodically just to make sure they are not hiding anything. You must also check up on your child’s friends to make sure they have the right friends.

My friend, just because you have good children doesn’t mean that your “good” children won’t do bad things if they get with the wrong crowd. You’ll never regret keeping a close eye on your children and being aware of what they are doing and where they are at all times.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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