A Strategy for Victory

1 Chronicles 12:38
“All these men of war, that could keep rank, came with a perfect heart to Hebron, to make David king over all Israel: and all the rest also of Israel were of one heart to make David king.”

Before an army goes to war, they must draw up a strategy on how to defeat the enemy. The Christian warfare is no different. If you are going to win in the war against Satan and the world, you are going to need a strategy on how to win this war. The verses in 1 Chronicles 12:23-40, give the believer a strategy that will bring them to victory if followed. Let me share with you this winning strategy.

First, you must understand that you are at war. The war was very evident throughout these verses. You will never win in the spiritual war without understanding that you are at war. The sooner you accept the fact that you are at war, the sooner your awareness of the fact that you need to prepare for this war becomes a reality.

Second, be armed for the war. It says in verse 23 that they “were ready armed to the war.” You will never win the war if you are not armed with the spiritual weaponry found in Ephesians 6. You must spend time in the Word of God and in prayer to be readily armed for the war you are to face every day. The weekend warrior never wins in the war against Satan. The Christian soldier must be spiritually armed daily to win in this conflict. You must arm yourself daily in the Scriptures and prayer if you want to win.

Third, don’t run from the war. The men in verse 30 were “mighty men of valour.” How desperately we need believers of valor who don’t run from the battle for truth at the first sign of conflict.

Fourth, know the times. In verse 32, the men “had understanding of the times.” These are wicked days, and you must realize that everywhere you turn the battle rages. If you don’t understand the times, you won’t know what to do with every situation you face.

Fifth, use your instruments well. The reason the men in verse 33 were “expert in war” was because they used their “instruments of war.” The greatest reason the believer succumbs to the spiritual war is because they only pick up their instruments of war on Sunday. My friend, you must pick up the spiritual instruments of war daily if you are going to see victory in your Christian walk.

Sixth, keep rank. Verse 33 says that these men “could keep rank.” You will cause havoc in the church if you don’t know what your position is and stay within your realm of duties. All it takes for Satan to start advancing against the church is for believers to overstep their authority and cause division in the church.

Seventh, don’t be a double agent. Verse 33 says they were not of “double heart.” You are not going to win when you haven’t determined to leave the world to serve God. You will quickly fall to the world if you try serving God with a double heart. If you want to see victory in your Christian walk, you must determine to go all in for Christ.

Eighth, know your purpose. Verse 38 talks about these men coming “with a perfect heart.” Knowing your purpose keeps you focused on what you’re supposed to do and keeps you from being sidetracked from the world’s temptations.

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