A Sure Way to Promotion

1 Kings 11:28
“And the man Jeroboam was a mighty man of valour: and Solomon seeing the young man that he was industrious, he made him ruler over all the charge of the house of Joseph.”

One of the most lacking things in this present generation are industrious people. I was recently talking to a person who is successful in the business world, and they said that one of the hardest things to find anymore are dependable, hard-working people to employ. They told me that any industrious person they hire moves up the chain of authority quickly because it is so hard to find people who are hard-working.

Though Jeroboam had many character flaws in his life, the one quality that allowed him to be promoted over anyone else was that he was industrious. When Solomon saw this young man’s character and how he applied himself to work, he immediately put him in charge of the house of Joseph. It is interesting that it wasn’t his talent that got him promoted, but it was his work ethic. It wasn’t his spiritual knowledge that got him promoted, but it was his dedication to working hard that got him promoted. Certainly, talent is a wonderful thing to possess, but character outworks talent every time. Having spiritual qualities is important, but those qualities without a work ethic will do nothing for you in the workforce. A sure way to get promoted in any line of work is to be an industrious person. Let me point out a few things about industrious people that cause them to get promoted.

First, industrious people are focused on the job at hand. Industrious people don’t get sidetracked by things that will take them away from what they are supposed to be doing. In the digital world in which we live, you must be careful that you don’t let digital gadgets take your time away from working. Always remember that you are being paid to work and not to play with your phone.

Second, industrious people get things done. One of the reasons they get promoted is because their authorities know when they give them a task to do that it will get done. You should always be known as the person to give a project to that needs to be completed because of your history of getting things done.

Third, industrious people work hard. There is no other way to put this other than they are hard workers. Being a hard worker is a spiritual quality. Those in the workforce could care less about your title in the church; the one thing they care about is how hard you work. The best testimony and witness you can have for Christ in the workplace is that you work hard.

Fourth, industrious people are dependable. One of the reasons industrious people get promoted is because they are always where they are supposed to be, even at times when they don’t feel like being there. It is not that industrious people don’t have days when they don’t feel good, but they just work through those days because it is in their character to do it. Don’t be the individual who finds excuses to miss work, but be the one who the boss can depend on being there no matter how you feel.

Christian, at the end of the day, industrious people are productive because of the qualities mentioned above. You will find that you will always have a job if you are industrious. Let me challenge you to be the most industrious person where you work because that is what will give you the credibility to witness to your boss and fellow employees.

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