A Trustworthy God

2 Timothy 4:17
“Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me; that by me the preaching might be fully known, and that all the Gentiles might hear: and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.”

There are many things in life that are supposed to be things in which we can trust, but we often find out that those things change over time. The ability to be able to put your trust in something or someone who never changes is what gives you the security you need to make it through those tough times of life when everything around you is unsteady. Every person wants to be able to put their anchor on something that they know will be there in their time of need.

The good news that I have for you is that God is the rock on whom you can anchor. God is a trustworthy God who never changes and is always there to help you when everything around you fails. Churches may change, but God is always the same. Political administrations may be unfaithful, but God is trustworthy to follow through with His Word. Friends may attack you, but God is always there as the friend who sticketh closer than a brother. Family may forsake you, but once you make God your Saviour, you can always depend on Him being your Father who is always there. In 2 Timothy, five things are declared about God that should assure you that God is a trustworthy God.

First, the LORD is faithful. 2 Timothy 2:13 says about the LORD, “…yet he abideth faithful…” It doesn’t matter how we waver; He never wavers. God is a faithful God who never changes. There are many people who want you to put your trust in them, but they are not faithful to be the same when you need them. There is only one thing in life that you can be assured that never changes, and it is not a thing but a who, and the who is Jesus Christ. Whatever God has said in the past, you can be assured that He is trustworthy to follow through on His Word.

Second, the LORD is unwavering. 2 Timothy 2:19 says, “…the foundation of God standeth sure…” When everything else in life is gone, you will still see the LORD is standing. When you are shaken to your foundation by the storms of life, you can stand on God Who is the sure foundation that is unshakeable.

Third, the LORD knows you. Verse 19 continues to say, “The Lord knoweth them that are his.” This carries two thoughts that are comforting. First, He knows you when others do not know you. God knows who you are; therefore, you are never alone. Others may never know you, and you may feel you are alone, but God knows you. Second, He knows you at your best and worst. It should encourage you that He knows your weaknesses, yet He still desires for you to be close to Him.

Fourth, the LORD stands with you. The verse above says, “…the Lord stood with me…” When others forsake you; you can always be assured that the LORD will always be there by your side. My friend, you are never alone. You may be alone, but you are in the majority when the LORD stands with you.

Fifth, the LORD delivers you. 2 Timothy 4:18 says, “And the Lord shall deliver…” I don’t know when He will deliver you, but He promised to deliver you. You can make it through whatever you face today with this promise that the LORD will deliver you.

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