Welcome to the Old Paths Journal Website!

The Old Paths Journal is a Baptist-based online newspaper whose purpose is to promote the old paths of old-fashioned, fundamental Baptists. In the Old Paths Journal you will find articles that will be helpful to you in your daily living, reminders and admonitions to walk on the old paths, truths that will build your Christian life, helps for your daily walk with God and tips for the homemaker. The Old Paths Journal has something for everyone including special sections just for ladies and youth.

At the Old Paths Journal, we will boldly stand for the old paths which we find in the King James Bible, 1611. We are not purposely trying to offend anyone, but we will not apologize for any stand which we take that is found in the pages of God’s Word. Whether you are the pastor of a church, a layman who helps his pastor, a housewife or a young person, the Old Paths Journal seeks to be of help to everyone no matter what your position in life.

My hope is that you will enjoy the monthly articles written by pastors and good Christians from around the world. I also believe you will enjoy the side tidbits, quotes and household tips that are designed to help you in your every day life. We pray that God will bless and help you as you read from the pages of the Old Paths Journal.


Evangelist Allen Domelle