Adorning the Simple and Filling the Void

Proverbs 7:7
“And beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding,”

There is a young man in Proverbs 7 that every parent should careful that their child doesn’t emulate. God said about this young man that he was “simple.” The word “simple” means that he was plain or unadorned. In other words, he had yet to start defining his life. The other important thing to understand about this young man was that he was “void of understanding.” The word “void” means empty or a blank sheet. Because this young man didn’t start defining himself in the right way, you see that the void started filling up with the wrong things. There are several things about this young man that should alarm every parent if they see their children emulating these characteristics.

First, he allowed himself to be out in times of sin. This young man never learned that nothing good happens in the “black and dark night.” Young people and adults alike will always get themselves into trouble when they are out late at night. This is why it is important for parents to be sure their children have a curfew. If you keep your children inside when sin is happening outside, you will keep your children from sin.

Second, he had poor judgment of people. When the woman who was dressed as a harlot met this young man, he didn’t have the discernment to get away from her. Parents should know who their children befriend. If you see your child constantly befriending the wrong people, you are going to have to work on their judgment. Something should alarm your child when they get around the wrong people. The wrong type of people should cause pause in every person.

Third, his judgment of right and wrong was based on feelings. Verses 11-17 shows how this woman played on the feelings of this young man. He let his feelings make his decisions instead of the principles of God’s Word. Every parent needs to train their child how to make principled decisions. Children need to be able to analyze why it is either right or wrong to do something. As a parent, it is your responsibility to be sure they learn how to make decisions based on principles. This means they are going to have to stop making quick decisions and slow down to allow the principles of God’s Word to determine their decisions. If you find your child making foolish decisions based on feelings, you need to start teaching them the principles of making the right decisions.

Fourth, he took no considerations of consequences. This young man was living for the moment instead of realizing he had to face the consequences of today’s decisions and actions tomorrow. Every young person needs to be taught the importance of consequences. This is why it is important for parents to discipline their children when they do wrong. The parent who never disciplines their child for wrong is the parent who is not teaching their child that there are consequences to every action. I know that disciplining your child is never easy, but it is sure easier than living with the heartache that sin caused in their life.

Parent, the best way to fill the simplicity and void in a child’s life is to start adorning them with the principles of God’s Word. If you don’t fill the void in your child’s life with God’s Word, the world will be sure to help them fill it on their own, which is detrimental. There is no quick fix to adorning your child with the right things, but the time spent doing so is worth it when understanding produces the right actions.

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