Ezra 4:1
“Now when the adversaries of Judah and Benjamin heard that the children of the captivity builded the temple unto the LORD God of Israel;”

Anytime you do a work for God, you are going to find adversaries who will try to stop the work. You cannot do something for the LORD without Satan trying to stop it. Satan understands that if the work of the LORD succeeds that it will bring glory to God and shame to himself. You mustn’t be ignorant of the fact that adversaries are a part of being involved in the work of the LORD.

One thing you will learn about these adversaries is that they will not be proper or honest in their attempts to stop you from serving the LORD. Ezra discovered this when he tried to rebuild the temple. When the workers put the first shovel in the ground to rebuild the temple, the adversaries started planning on how they could stop the work. They tried stopping the work by falsely presenting themselves as likeminded. When that didn’t work, the ugly part of the battle came when they falsely accused them, lied about them, fought against them, ridiculed them, and even legislated laws against them; however, the work of the LORD was eventually finished because Ezra didn’t let any of Satan’s tools stop him from finishing the work which he started for the LORD.

My friend, if you plan on doing something for the LORD, you are going to have to expect adversaries to rise up and fight against you. You will never do anything great for the LORD without battles. You may not like to fight, but you are going to have to get a stomach to fight the attacks of the adversaries who are trying to stop the LORD’s work from going forward. If you don’t have a stomach that can take the fight, you will soon find yourself laying down the trowel and quitting the work of the LORD.

Moreover, you must not take the attacks personally. Always realize that the attacks against you are not so much against you, but against the work you are trying to do for the LORD. Someone asked me when insults were being hurled at me, “Bro. Domelle, how do you not let the attacks and insults affect you?” I told the individual asking me that I realized that the attacks were not so much against me, but against the work I represented. You have to understand that if I were on the side of the compromiser, they would be cheering me as I attacked those who stood for right. You are going to have to plug your ears to the attacks that the adversaries bring against you if you are going to complete the work of the LORD without being sidetracked.

Furthermore, compromising who you are to complete the work is not going to bring favor from God. Weakening your stance and associations just to build your ministry is nothing less than compromise. It is better to never start a ministry if the only way to build it is through compromising your friendships and lessening the volume of your voice against the adversaries and their compromising ways.

Finally, staying focused on the God above always puts to silence the adversaries from within, from without, and from below. The only way you will successfully weather the attacks no matter from whence they come is by staying focused on God and on the task He has called you to do. No, it is never pleasant to have to fight the adversaries, but it is a part of the LORD’s work that you will have to endure if you are going to successfully do the work the LORD has called you to do.

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