After This

Job 42:16
“After this lived Job an hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons’ sons, even four generations.”

No man that we know of ever went through the same amount of hardships that Job endured. Job is the measuring stick of how to endure trials. Anytime someone faces multiple hardships, they are often compared to Job because he faced hardships like no other person.

However, we can see from this verse that those hardships didn’t last forever. In fact, his hardships became the stepping stones for God’s blessings because he allowed them to help him fix the areas of his life that were hindering God’s blessings. Job ended up being blessed twice as much after the blessing than he was before the trials that he endured.

Maybe the greatest blessing is found in the verse above when it says, “After this…” There is always going to be an “after this…” in everyone’s life if they don’t quit in the hardships and trials of life. Let me share with you four reminders that can be learned from Job’s life that will help you when you face trials.

First, trials don’t last forever. I know that in the trial it can seem as if your trials last forever, but it can be seen in the verse above that there is an afterlife to every trial. The trials that you face today may seem like an eternity, but I can assure you that they will end like all other trials have ended. Yes, some trials have ended for the believer when they stepped into Heaven, but all trials do end. You can take hope from Job’s life that your trials will one day end in spite of what you face today.

Second, don’t jump on the rollercoaster of the trial. I believe one of the mistakes Job made was that he got on the rollercoaster of his trial and went through the highs and lows of it. Every trial has its rollercoaster ride that will take you to highs when you think the trial is over, and lows when you think life can’t get any worse. My friend, the best advice I can give to you is to stand on the grounding of God’s Word which will keep you from losing your joy that the high’s and low’s will attempt to take.

Third, the blessings of God will come again. When you are going through the tough times in life, the blessings of God seem to be a distant memory, but you can be assured that His blessings will return. In fact, God’s blessings are already on the menu of your life; you just have to go through what you are enduring to get to them. Many people have quit too early in their trials and missed the blessings God intended to give them. Every trial is the steppingstone to blessing, but the blessing will never be realized if you quit. Job had to endure the trial before he could be blessed by God. Likewise, you must endure trials and not run from them if you want to get the blessings that God wants to give you through them.

Fourth, your story will become a story of God’s mercy and grace if you don’t become bitter. If Job had lived his life in bitterness, we would never have this great illustration of how to endure trials. Your story can become a blessing to help others if you don’t allow your trials to make you bitter. Every trial can become a story of God’s mercy and grace to others if you accept it as God’s way of allowing you to help others. The stories that challenge people the most are stories of overcoming great adversity. Your life can become a motivating story of God’s grace if you avoid bitterness and choose to overcome instead of quit.

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