Amend Your Ways


Jeremiah 7:3 “Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, Amend your ways and your doings, and I will cause you to dwell in this place.”

It is not uncommon that when someone files their tax returns and later finds an error, they file an “amended” return to correct what they initially filed. The amended return does not change everything on the initial return; it simply corrects the wrong area so that the proper taxes are paid, or the overcharge is returned.

When God says, “Amend your ways and your doings,” He is saying that you need to correct some areas of your life that are keeping you from being the person you need to be. The word “amend” means to make minor changes. God is saying that not everything that you are doing is bad, but correct the ways and doings that are keeping you from being what God wants you to be.

Amending your ways is the secret to living a successful life. The way a person drives straight on the highway is to amend their direction. In other words, they make small corrections with the steering wheel to keep themselves in their lane. When a person rides a bicycle, they don't make sudden turns to keep riding because if they did, they would crash. The way you ride a bicycle is to amend what could cause you to lose your balance so you can enjoy riding the bike.

The secret to life is making small corrections to what you are not doing right. A parent can sometimes make major changes in how they raise their child to the detriment of their child’s future. One of the keys to raising children is to amend what you could be doing wrong to help that child turn out right for God. Likewise, your Christian walk doesn't always need a major overhaul; it sometimes just needs some ways and doings to be amended so that you can be what God wants you to be. Most marriages could resolve their problems if they simply amended the area that is causing the difficulty so that they can enjoy the union of marriage. Let me share a couple of thoughts about amending your ways.

First, amending your ways doesn't mean you are doing everything wrong. Just because one area is wrong doesn't mean you should forsake everything that you are doing. Some people make the mistake of constantly making major changes to their lives, or pastors make major changes to what they are doing as a church, only to change who they are or where their church stands Scripturally. So, you find a flaw in something that you are doing; don’t throw everything out, but amend the flaw.

Second, amending your ways means you need to identify where you need to make the minor change. You cannot amend your ways if you are dishonest with yourself. Identify what hinders you from being what you are supposed to be and amend it. To refuse to identify what needs to be amended in your life will only result in the need for a major overhaul later.

Third, amending your ways is the key to resolving difficult relationships. Don't try to change everything at one time, but amend one thing at a time. You can try to win the war and lose it, or you can amend your ways and win one battle at a time, which will result in you winning the war if you don't quit. Let amending your ways be the model you follow when changes need to be made in your life, and you will win in life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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