An Anchor in Hard Times

Psalm 117:2
“For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD.”

No matter how bad you may think you have it in life, there is always a reason to praise the LORD. Many times in the hard times of life, believers can get so self-focused that they think that life is so bad that they have no reason to praise the LORD. According to the verse above, there is always a reason to praise the LORD. In your hard times of life, this psalm can be an anchor to help you through whatever you are facing. Let me point out several truths this verse presents that makes it an anchor in the hard times of life.

First, everything starts with God. This verse says, “For his…” If the only thing you have in your hard times is God, you have more than enough to find a reason to fill your mouth with praise. The problems of life can never overshadow the presence of God; therefore, the only reason you can’t see God is because you are choosing to dwell on your problems than on the presence of God about you.

Second, God is merciful. This verse says, “For his merciful…” In spite of what you are facing, God is still merciful. My friend, God’s mercy is not diminished because of your problems. In fact, the opposite is true; God’s mercy has never left your life in spite of the problems you face. God’s mercy is there to help you if you will go to Him for help.

Third, God is kind. The verse above says, “For his merciful kindness…” God is very kind to the believer to allow them to enjoy His presence. You don’t deserve the presence of God, but He is kind towards you to give you His presence in the difficulties of life. Always remember that God could leave you to your own means to deal with your problems, but He is very kind to be there for you to help you through your troubles.

Fourth, God’s kindness is merciful. God says, “For his merciful kindness…” Always remember that you don’t deserve God’s kindness; it is simply the mercy of God that He chooses to be kind to you. Everything that happens to any of us is less than we deserve, but God’s merciful kindness lifts the degree of difficulty of what we do face. It is only of God’s mercy that He is kind to us to be with us in our troubles.

Fifth, God’s merciful kindness is always present. God says, “For his merciful kindness is…” You are not dealing with a God who used to be present in your life, but you are dealing with a God who is present in your life. Every characteristic of God is always accessible to the believer because God is a present tense God.

Sixth, God’s merciful kindness is great; there are no limits to it. God says, “For his merciful kindness is great…” Your problems are never too big for the merciful kindnesses of God. Your problems may seem beyond your capacity to handle, but as long as God’s presence is working in your life, you have the capacity to handle your problems because there are no limits to His ability to help.

Seventh, God’s merciful kindness is for you. My friend, remember that “his merciful kindness is great toward us…” This is a truth that “endureth for ever.” I don’t know what you are going through today, but I know that the presence of God is there to help you because there is no end to his merciful kindness. You have a reason to praise the LORD in spite of your problems, and that reason is that He is merciful and kind enough to be there with you through what you face today.

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