An Inspiring Presence

Numbers 35:34
“Defile not therefore the land which ye shall inhabit, wherein I dwell: for I the LORD dwell among the children of Israel.”

There are certain people whose presence inspires others. There are those who inspire others when they tell their stories. There are others who inspire people by their ability to go on in tough times. There are others whose attitude is inspiring when you are around them. Certainly, we all enjoy being around those who inspire us to do more.

The children of Israel were promised a presence that should have inspired them in many different way. God said, “…for I the LORD dwell among the children of Israel.” This promise that God gave to Israel is relevant for the Christian. There are four areas where this statement should inspire the Christian.

First, God’s presence should encourage holiness. Because the LORD dwelled among them, He commanded them, “Defile not therefore the land…” Knowing that God’s presence was constantly among them should have encouraged them to live holy so as not to anger Him with their sins. The presence of God in the Christian’s life should inspire them to live holy. Knowing that God is always watching should cause you to be careful with what you see, hear, and do. Don’t ever allow yourself to forget that God is always present. When you realize He is always present, it will encourage you to live a holy life.

Second, God’s presence should bring soberness. The verse above says about God’s presence, “… I the LORD dwell among…” God didn’t say that He dwells around us but among us. God’s presence should motivate the Christian to always want to please Him. His presence should cause you to constantly ask yourself if what you are doing grieves Him. Certainly you should live a holy life, but everything you do should be something that He would want you to do. There are some things that are not bad that God wouldn’t want you to do, so let His presence stir you to be sure that everything you do is His will for your life.

Third, God’s presence should give you strength. One of the reasons God reminded Israel that He dwelt among them was because He could give them the strength to keep from defilement. God has the strength to help you overcome any temptation you may face. Don’t take on the battle of sin alone. God is ever present to help you overcome any temptation you may face in your life.

Texas-IBSFourth, God’s presence should create motivation. Notice that God said to Israel, “…ye shall inhabit…” This is a future tense statement. God was reminding them that He would be with them as they moved forward in His will. Friend, God’s presence should motivate you to want to conquer. There is much more for you to do, and God’s presence is there to help you do it.

Christian, let God’s presence be an inspiring presence in your life. These are just four areas where His presence should inspire, but there are many more areas where His presence should inspire. Don’t become so accustomed to the presence of God that you lose the inspiration that His presence should give. If you will always realize the privilege of God’s presence, you will always receive the inspiration His presence will give.

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