An Open Letter to Maranatha Baptist Church Members

Dear Church Member,

I wanted to thank you openly for all the effort, dedication, and hard work you have put into the big day this past Sunday. Who would have ever thought 5 months ago that God would have given us 253 in Sunday school, 306 in the morning service, 129 on our buses, 13 souls saved, and 8 believers baptized? God certainly blessed us as a church this past Sunday, and a great part of that is because of your desire to see God do something great at the Maranatha Baptist Church.

What truly amazes me the most is how God blessed our church this past Sunday without any rock music, without any Bible college students, and without a big staff, but with a bunch of dedicated Christians who, like the disciples of old, wanted to see God do something mighty in our church. Many churches can brag on their days, but they have an army of college students they can employ to help them have a big day. Some churches have a big church staff who are required to do most of the work so as to be sure they have a big day. Here at Maranatha Baptist Church, God has a bunch of Christian laypeople who volunteered and sacrificed their time and energy to see God do something great this past Sunday. Every soul that has been saved in this campaign and every person baptized is because of you giving of yourself to see God do a work in reaching the lost for Christ. Thank you so much for all the hard work, prayers, understanding, and devotedness to Christ to see this day happen.

As I said on Sunday night in my sermon, I believe the best days of Maranatha Baptist Church are ahead. With a people like you and the heart that you have for God to do something mighty, I believe the eyes of the LORD has found a people through whom He can show Himself strong.

I wanted to thank you openly, and brag on you for all that you have done to see God give us a great day of souls saved and baptized. Certainly, only eternity will reveal the impact of what the LORD did in our church this weekend.

As your pastor, I’m very pleased with what you folks have done, and I’m honored to be on the same team with you. I look forward to many years to come of seeing what God can do with a group of people like you who have a heart for God. I look forward to seeing if we can turn our world upside down Christ.

From a very grateful and honored pastor,
Dr. Allen Domelle

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