“Ananias” Christians

Acts 9:17
“And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house; and putting his hands on him said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee in the way as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.”

The reason that there are so few “Saul” conversions is because there are very few “Ananias” Christians. Every believer would love to be able to lead someone like Saul to Christ, but the reason most believers don’t lead someone like Saul to Christ is because they don’t have the type of Christianity that Ananias had. If it weren’t for Ananias, there would be no Apostle Paul, and if there was no Apostle Paul, there may be no Gospel to the Gentile world. It took an “Ananias Christian” to help the journey for a Saul to become an Apostle Paul. When you study Ananias, you see seven characteristics that make up an “Ananias Christian.”

First, he was a man who walked with God. Ananias would have never heard God speak to him if he didn’t have a daily walk with God. One of the greatest reasons many believers miss their great moment for God is because they miss the walk with God that will reveal that moment. You cannot be used greatly by God unless you spend time walking with Him in His Word.

Second, he was a man of prayer. It was in Ananias’ prayer that he got clarity from God about going to Saul. The clarity of God’s will for your life will never be revealed without spending time in prayer. God’s will for your life is revealed in His Word, clarified through prayer, and refined in the fiery trials of life.

Third, he was a man who had a heart for souls. You cannot be used by God if you don’t have a heart for souls. Those whom God has used the mightiest throughout history are those who had a heart to reach the lost for Christ. God can use you if you will get a heart to reach the lost for Christ.

Fourth, he was a man of trust in God’s Word. Ananias trusted God’s Word to go to Saul even though he knew of Saul’s reputation. The greatest believer is not the one who obeys God when they understand Him, but the greatest believer is the one who obeys God when they don’t understand Him. You may not always understand God and His commands, but you must trust Him if you want Him to use you mightily.

Fifth, he was a man of faith in God’s power. Ananias went to Saul because he had the faith that God could save a Saul. The greatness of your faith is revealed by how much you believe in God’s ability and power to do what seems to be impossible. One of the things that made Ananias such a great Christian was because he had faith in God’s ability to do.

Sixth, he was a man of forgiveness. Ananias was able to forgive Saul’s past, and this may have been his greatest quality. The degree of your ability to forgive will determine God’s ability to use you. The believer who wants God to use them must never lose the belief in people and God’s ability to use them in spite of their past. Forgiveness is the core of the Christian faith that tells all people that God loves them and wants to use them if they will just come back to Him.

Seventh, he was a man of spiritual action. You will never be used by God unless you go. Inaction is the only thing that keeps God from working in your life. God can use you if you will be a believer of action.

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