Ancient Landmark

Proverbs 22:28
“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

A landmark is something that gives clear lines so that you know what belongs to you. God commands the believer not to “Remove…the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” In other words, what we believe, do and practice is not up for discussion. What we believe has already been settled, and our job as believers is to keep our landmark clear for every generation.

A landmark does several things. First, it declares your property lines. In other words, God doesn’t want you to change what you believe. Second, a landmark separates you from others. When God commands the believer not to remove the “ancient landmark,” He is saying that you need to a live a separated life from the world. God is going further with this statement when He says, “…which thy fathers have set.” In other words, the traditions and positions that our fathers gave us are to be upheld. As an independent, fundamental Baptist, you are to be very careful about removing the landmark of who you are and what you believe for the sake of trying to reestablish or redefine who we are. There are several lessons you can learn from this verse.

First, there is nothing wrong with our landmark. God never said that we are set to new landmarks, and He did not say that our landmarks are to constantly be moving to match the culture of the day; rather, God commands that the landmark of faith is to stay the same from generation to generation. God didn’t say not to remove the cultural landmark, but He commanded not to remove the ancient landmark. My friend, what was good years ago is still good today. There is nothing wrong with the landmark of faith given to us by our fathers.

Second, stop apologizing for the ancient landmark. The only reason anyone would apologize for the ancient landmark of the faith is because they want to change the landmarks. Everything that has been given to us by our fathers needs to stay the way it has been. If you fall for Satan’s trap that we need to apologize for how our father’s defended our landmarks, it won’t be long before you cross the lines and join the landmarks of compromise.

Third, stop trying to move the landmark. God says, “Remove not the ancient landmark…” The word “remove” means to change or displace. God didn’t say, “Destroy not the ancient landmark,” but He said, “Remove not the ancient landmark…” The problem is not that people are trying to destroy everything we believe, but they are trying to change or displace the lines of what we believe. My friend, don’t move, change or displace the landmark of faith for the sake of getting along with society. Keep it right where it is supposed to be.

Finally, let me point out that if you defend the landmark, there are going to be times when you will be perceived as unkind. Defending truth is always portrayed as unkind by progressive compromisers. Satan is a master at portraying those who defend the landmark as unkind. Preaching and teaching the landmark of the faith with authority doesn’t make me unkind. Too many believers are trying to portray our fathers who defended the ancient landmark as unkind. Let me encourage you to stop listening to the critics of the ancient landmark and do your job to keep the ancient landmark where it is supposed to be.

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