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Acts 5:42 “And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.”

One of the keys of the success of the early church was that serving God was not a weekend thing, but a daily lifestyle of service. We wonder why the early church was able to turn the world upside down for Christ, and the secret was that they were daily preaching and teaching others about Jesus Christ. After the big day of Pentecost, they continued to preach and teach Christ daily. It wasn’t just about having a big day, though there is nothing wrong with this, but they understood that teaching God’s Word was worth them teaching and preaching to everyone daily. After persecution arose, the early church did not stop the habit of teaching and preaching Jesus Christ daily. It was the practice of daily talking to someone about Jesus Christ that caused this church to have so much influence in their day.

Churches today are looking for influence in society, but they are looking for influence in the wrong way. Some have involved themselves in politics thinking that they could influence politicians for good only to find that they still have no influence. However, the early church never involved themselves in politics, yet they still influenced the politics of their day. How did they do this? They did this by daily teaching and preaching Jesus Christ.

We see churches today thinking that they can better influence their city and society by looking more like the world, yet the church is rapidly losing its influence. Church services are more available today through social media and websites, and yet churches are shrinking in attendance instead of increasing in attendance. It is interesting that the early church didn't have one website or social media account, and yet it was more influential than any church today. The secret to the early church’s influence is that they taught and preached Jesus Christ daily.

My friend, Christianity is not a weekend activity, but it is supposed to be a 24/365 life. The word “daily” should ring through the minds of every believer if they want their church to have an influence in their town. The key is the want. Do you truly want to be a 24/365 believer? Christianity must be more real to you than the pleasures this world will ever afford. If the truths of God’s Word are true, and they are, you would never look to the pleasures of this world because you would see that there is something called eternity that you could enjoy better by serving Christ on earth for 24/365.

So, you ask me, “Bro. Domelle, what can I do to teach and preach Jesus Christ daily?” First, give a Gospel tract to someone every day. Every week put a rubber band around seven Gospel tracts and determine to hand one of those tracts out to someone daily. If you did this every day of your life, you would hand out 365 tracts a year, and likely that number would rise because of your weekly soul-winning time.

Second, be on the lookout to tell someone about the Gospel daily. There are people who would get saved if someone would just tell them the Gospel. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to that person who would get saved.

Third, follow up weekly on those you have led to Christ. When you follow up on your converts, teach them the next step they need to do in their walk with Christ. I believe you could help your church have a greater influence if you taught and preached Jesus Christ daily to at least one person.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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