And He Did

Joshua 21:45
“There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.”

The verse above is a reminder to the believer that the LORD is a God of His word. Nothing that the LORD told Israel that He would do failed to happen. Everything He told Israel that He would do happened. The LORD promised that He would deliver Israel from Egypt; and He did. The LORD promised that He would give them the Promised Land; and He did. The LORD promised that He would defeat all their enemies; and He did. The LORD promised that He would give them rest; and He did. Nothing failed to happen that God spoke to the house of Israel. Let me give you several helps from this verse that will help you in your Christian walk.

First, God can’t do if you won’t do. The reason everything came to pass is because Israel stepped out and did what the LORD told them to do. You can’t expect God to follow through on His Word if you are not going to do what His Word says. The prerequisite of God’s ability to do is the believer’s obedience to God’s command to step out by faith. God wants to do for the believer, but His power waits for them to obey Him. Too many believers wait on the sideline for God to do everything for them before they get busy, but God’s not an entitlement God. God expects the believer to show their trust in His ability before He chooses to step in to help fulfill what He has told them to do.

Second, no matter how big the task may be; it is not too big for God to do. It may have seemed impossible for Israel to be delivered from Egypt, survive the wilderness, and conquer the Promised Land, but God delivered on every word of His promise to do these things. You may be afraid to step out by faith to do what the LORD has asked you to do, but you can always be assured that God is capable to help you do what He has asked you to do. I know that faith may seem scary, but God has the power to help you do what He has asked you to do.

Third, God won’t almost do everything; He will do everything. The verse above says, “There failed not ought…” There is nothing that God won’t fulfill. God fulfills every part of His Word. God doesn’t do most of what He says He will do, but He does all that He says He will do. There are many people who start and almost finish the task they start, but God doesn’t stop working until everything that He says He will do is done. You never have to worry about God leaving you at the end of the task because He will fulfill His Word to the end.

My friend, what is it that you know the LORD wants you to do? Is fear keeping you from doing the LORD’s will for your life? Are you nervous that once you get started that you will not be able to do what the LORD wants you to do? All of these feelings are what Satan wants you to act upon. You must remember that the LORD has always been there for His people every step of the way. You will find that once you step out on what you know the LORD wants you to do that He will be there to help you to get it done.

Moreover, don’t quit when the task seems to be insurmountable. God is still with you when the tasks becomes great. You can take the verse above as a promise from God that He will not fail to fulfill anything that He has asked you to do. You will miss the blessings of rest as long as you sit. Let me encourage you to step out and see the LORD come through.

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