And He Halted


Genesis 32:31 “And as he passed over Penuel the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh.”

Any person who is ever used of God will have some limp that reminds them of what it took to get God’s blessings on their life. In other words, you’ll never get God’s blessings on your life without paying a price. Many people say they want God’s power on their life, but they quickly give up in prayer before they get it.

Jacob wrestled with God all night begging for God’s blessing on his life. Jacob was tired of the life of deception. He had lived his life his way trying to make everything work, and he discovered that his manipulation of circumstances only made things worse in his life. When Jacob’s mother told him to deceive his father to get the family blessing, he should have declined and trusted God. Jacob’s life was filled with his fingerprints through every circumstance, including the family split between his father-in-law and himself and him trying to mend the broken relationship with his brother. What did his fingerprints bring? It brought heartache. Jacob told God in verse 26, “…I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.” God tested this resolve by touching his thigh and putting his leg out of joint, and yet Jacob would not leave God, and he prevailed and got God’s blessings, but not without a limp to remind him of those blessings.

The limp that Jacob walked with for the rest of his life was God’s reminder to him and to everyone else of the price it took to get God’s blessings on his life. Every time he walked, he remembered the price it took to finally get God’s blessings on his life, and though the limp was painful, it was worth the price paid because God’s blessings now rested on his life. Every time someone asked Jacob what was wrong with his leg, he could tell them that there was nothing wrong but that it was the price it took to get God’s blessings on his life.

You will never know God’s power on your life without a limp that you will have for the rest of your life. Paul struggled with eye problems for the rest of his life, but God’s grace was sufficient, and the eye problems were worth it to have the power of God on his life. Peter’s limp was the reminder throughout his whole life of the fateful night that he denied the church, his faith, and his God, but that limp that he had became a blessing that brought God’s power on his life.

I think of Dr. Jack Hyles who tells the story of how he longed for God’s power on his life. He said that he told God that whatever it took to get God’s power that he was willing to pay the price. One day, as a young preacher, he received a phone call that his drunken father, a lost man, had a heart attack and died. Bro. Hyles says he spent days on his father’s grave begging for the power of God. He wrestled with God as Jacob did, but it was there on the gravesite of his dad who went to Hell that God placed His power on Jack Hyles. Bro. Hyles had the limp of his father burning in Hell for his entire ministry, but that limp brought the power of God on his life, and over a million souls were saved because of it.

Do you truly want the power of God on your life? You’ll never get it without paying a dear price. You will never find God’s power without having a limp for the rest of your life. However, if you will pay the price, you will see God’s power do miraculous things through your life. Yes, the limp is worth it when souls are saved because of the price paid for the limp.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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