And Jesus Increased


Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”

One of the great attributes of Jesus Christ while He was on earth was that He did not stay the same as when He came. The verse above says about Jesus, “And Jesus increased….” The word “increased” means He added to what was already there. In other words, He added wisdom to the wisdom He already had. As Jesus grew as a young man, He continued to add to what He already knew. He didn't let His youth stop Him from adding to what He already knew.

Think about this statement! We are not talking about someone who didn’t know anything; we are talking about the Creator of the universe. We are not talking about someone who had no wisdom; we are talking about someone Who is the source of wisdom. Jesus didn't let what He knew to stop Him from gaining wisdom. Yes, He took on the form of man, and He had to grow to show us the example of how we need to grow, but He could have simply relied on what He already knew, and had He done this He would have known more than anyone of his day. You say, how did this benefit Jesus? Because of this ability to add to what He already had He gained favor with God and man.

One of the great keys to being successful in life and gaining the respect of others is never to become complacent with what you already have and know, but to add to it continually. What allows a person to continue to lead is to add to what they already know so that those they lead never catch up to them. Many followers have passed their leaders because their leaders stopped adding to what they already had; instead, they relied on their past and then wondered why they lost influence with the present generation. There are a few principles that I want to share with you about this truth.

First, complacency is the enemy of excellence and accomplishment. Just because you have accomplished something in the past does not mean that you are accomplishing something today. Too many people talk about what they have done in the past when what they need to do is continually strive to achieve. You must understand that respect is continually earned. Just because you did something yesterday doesn't mean that you've gained someone's respect today. It is what you do today that causes people to respect you. When you become complacent with what you have done and only talk about what you have done in the past is when people stop respecting you.

Second, complacency is the enemy of faith. When you stop living by faith is when you stop pleasing God. Faith never stops but always moves forward. When you stop adding to what you already have, you stop living by faith. The only reason that faith works are not being accomplished today is because people have become complacent with what their faith in the past has done for them instead of keeping the drive to have faith works accomplished through them today.

One of the greatest needs of our day is to continue to add to what God has already given to us. Every church needs to increase by adding to what they've already done. Every ministry worker needs to keep the “adding to” attribute as a part of their life. If you want to please god for your entire life, then never become complacent with what you have, but always add to what God has already given to you and you will stay in favor both with God and man.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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