Avoiding Schisms

1 Corinthians 12:25
“That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.”

There are three areas Paul describes in the church that if these categories are not carefully administered, they will lead to schisms in the church. The verse above makes it clear that “there should be no schism in the body.” The word schism means splits, divisions, sections or rifts. The church cannot do the work of the LORD when there are schisms. A body that fights against itself is a sickly, and the church that fights against itself because of schisms is unhealthy.

The areas that must be carefully watched so that they don’t become a source of schism in the church are “diversities of gifts,” “differences of administrations,” and “diversities of operations.” Every one of these things can become a source of schism in the church, but they can also be a source that helps the church to grow. The same things that build a church can become the tool Satan uses to destroy the church if the church doesn’t work hard at keeping these things from being a source of contention. What is the key to these things working together so that they don’t become a source of schism?

First, understand the importance of each area. There is nothing wrong with gifts, administrations or operations. Every church is filled with people who have gifts. Every church must have processes by how the church runs. Every church needs people working in the different ministries of the church. However, these can become a source of schism if you don’t understand that each is important to the operation of the church. There will be divisions if you don’t accept the importance of these areas.

Second, yielding to the Holy Spirit will allow each person in these areas to be empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit. It is the “manifestation of the Spirit” that allows each of these areas to “profit.” When a church is yielded and empowered by the Holy Spirit, each of these areas become a tool to profit the church; however, when a church performs through the flesh, these areas become a source of contention and schism.

Third, accepting another’s role in each of these areas is important to each area becoming a tool for profit. My friend, jealousy will easily cause you to be contentious with another believer when you feel they are going to get more glory than you. You must understand that every role in the church is important to the church functioning properly and prospering. You must realize that the other person who you consider a threat is actually a tool to help you to properly use your gift and position to profit. Your gifts, talents and position will never reach their potential when you allow jealousy of another’s gifts, talents and position to control you.

Fourth, charity is the great source to making all of these areas to work together. Charity is the “best gift.” Charity is love in action. Simply put, jealousy will never have power over you when you put your love to work by investing in others. You will find that when you use your gift, talent or position to help others, you will be happy when someone you couldn’t reach could be reached by another who has a different gift, talent or position. When the whole body of the church works together with the differences of gifts, administrations and operations is when the church becomes a thriving body to reaching the lost and recovering the fallen saint.

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