Battles Every Believer Must Fight


John 19:38 “And after this Joseph of Arimathaea, being a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews, besought Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus: and Pilate gave him leave. He came therefore, and took the body of Jesus.”

The actions of Christ’s disciples after He died reveals a lot about everyday battles that every believer must fight. It was easy for the disciples to do what was right as long as Christ was there, but when He died, it was difficult for the disciples to continue doing what they were supposed to do. As long as Jesus was there, He was the one who kept them doing right and rebuked them when they did wrong. However, when Jesus died, their character was revealed about who they were by the battles that they faced. One thing that can be pointed out about the disciples is that they finally got everything right and ended up turning the world upside down for Jesus Christ. The battles that the disciples faced immediately after Jesus died are the same battles you will face in your Christian life and must win if you want to live a successful Christian life. Let me point out these four battles to you.

The first battle you will fight is being a secret disciple  of Christ versus an open disciple. The verse above says that Joseph was a secret disciple. It is hard to imagine a secret disciple because one can only imagine a disciple being open about who they follow. You will never experience the true joy of the Christian walk until you stop trying to hide that you are following Jesus Christ. There needs to be a time in your life when you declare openly to all that your desire in life is to follow Jesus Christ without hesitation. You will never overcome sin’s temptations around you by being a secret disciple of Christ.

The second battle you will fight is the battle of fear versus faith. In John 20:24, Thomas didn't believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. His doubt kept him from having the faith that Jesus had the power to overcome death. Every believer will fight doubting what faith says it can do, but only those who silence doubt’s voice and listen to faith will see the great miracles of faith. The potential of the Christian life will only be realized when you silence the voice of doubt by living by faith.

The third battle you will fight is quitting versus continuing. Peter said in John 21:3, “I go a fishing.” Peter was an essence quitting on the Christian walk. Yes, he got back up and became a great tool for God, but he chose to go back to the old life until Jesus brought him back. Every minute that you go back to the old life is one minute that you're missing out on what God can do through your life if you will follow him completely. Anybody can be a quitter, but it is those who are focused on faith who have the determination never to quit until their faith is realized. Everyone will come to a point in their life when they will want to quit, but you must continue on despite those quitting points if you want God to use you mightily.

The fourth battle you will fight is being possession-focused versus service-focused. Jesus said to Peter in John 21:15, “Lovest without me more than these?” There's nothing that the world can offer that will be more satisfying than serving Jesus. Worldly possessions will never satisfy because something new will always come along, but the longer that you serve Jesus the sweeter  and better He becomes.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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