Becoming Great

Exodus 11:3
“And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants, and in the sight of the people.”

One of the mistakes many leaders make is that they try to become great instead of seeking to do the task God has called them to do. Moses never sought greatness, but the verse above shows us that Moses became “very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants, and in the sight of the people.” It is interesting that the areas where most people try to achieve greatness is where Moses was great without ever trying to be great in those areas. Moses achieved great political influence, had the respect of those in society, and his people loved him dearly all by seeking to please the LORD. All of these areas of greatness were achieved without ever seeking to be great. There were four things Moses did that caused him to be great.

First, he was more concerned with pleasing God than appeasing rulers. Moses didn’t seek to have influence with political leaders, but he sought to please his God. Moses’ one aspiration in life was to please his God more than anything else. I watch preachers trying to gain influence with politicians by seeking them out when they should be trying to please God and let God work through their ministries. One thing that is very evident in the Scriptures and throughout history is that you will gain influence with political leaders when you seek to please God and build something great for His glory. The greatest concern you should have as a believer is in pleasing God.

Second, Moses spoke the Word of God without apology and with authority. The need in our present society is for God’s men and those who preach is to preach the Word of God without apology. You will never see lives changed when you curb the sharpness of God’s Word to keep from offending the believer who is living in sin. When a preacher is more concerned with not offending people than he is with speaking God’s Word is when he has become a puppet to the pew instead of a mouthpiece for God. Your desire, whether you are a preacher or a Sunday school teacher should be to preach and teach God’s Word with authority and without apology.

Third, Moses sought to serve the people instead of being served. Moses never sought for the people to serve him; rather, he became great because he sought to serve the people. You will never achieve greatness when you seek for people to serve you and your whims. Pastor, you are a servant to those you lead. Of course, everything you do should be to please God, but you should always remember that your whims and desires are not what should guide you, but to serve the people God has given you to lead is what should guide your decisions. Don’t be so selfish as a leader that your programs and decisions are based on what you want instead of how it will help you to better serve God’s people.

Fourth, Moses had God’s power on his life. The greatest reason Moses became great in the sight of society and his people is because of God’s power was evident on his life. People will revere the individual who has God’s power on their life. My friend, don’t seek God’s power to be great, but seek His power to do God’s divine work so that more people will be saved and will be influenced for right.

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