Before God Chooses to Use You


Acts 13:2 “As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.”

Barnabas is one of the great believers in the Scriptures. However, you will notice that Barnabas ministered to the Lord and prayed before God ever separated him to work through him. Barnabas did not sit and wait for the Lord to use him, but he was busy serving the Lord until God chose to use him. Had Barnabas sat in the church like others around him, he would have never been used to train the Apostle Paul or used to restore a John Mark. It was his willingness to serve the Lord without any notice that grabbed the notice of God so that God would use him. There are several lessons in this verse that those who want to be used by God must learn before He chooses to use them.

First, just get busy serving God and stop looking for position. I have heard many people say, “I want to preach.” However, it is those who say they want to preach who rarely are faithful to simply serving the Lord. Many want a position in the church for their pride’s sake instead of being satisfied with serving the Lord. I have learned throughout the years that those who desire position are those who shouldn’t have position. However, I have also learned that those who are busy serving the Lord are the best ones to place in position because they are happy with just serving the Lord. Don't seek position, but seek service, and position will find you.

Second, stop telling everyone what you can do and just do it. Since I became pastor, I have had people come to my church and try to impress me with what they say they can do only to find that they are often the worst producers in the church. Instead of telling everyone what you can do, just do what you think you can do and God will find a place to use you in a greater way. God doesn't use those who brag about what they can do, but He uses those who just do what they are supposed to do. Trust me, if you can do what you say you can do, you won’t have to tell anyone because your results will tell everyone what you can do.

Third, the best way to grab God’s attention so that He will use you mightily is to be busy serving the Lord. Barnabas got God’s attention by ministering to the Lord. When God sees you, does He see you serving or sitting? Does God see you talking or doing? Does God see you bragging or praying? Those whom God has used the greatest in the Scriptures and throughout history were those who were serving before He separated them to be used greatly. If you will get busy doing what you are supposed to do without fanfare, your service will grab God’s attention. 

Fourth, walking with God and serving is the key to grabbing God’s attention. The one thing we must not forget about the reason God chose Barnabas to be used is that he also walked with God while he served Him. You can be busy serving the Lord and not walk with God, and you will find that you will miss the potential of what God could do through you. Walking with God in His Word and prayer is as much a key to God using you as serving Him. You become a life-changer when you walk with the God in prayer who changes lives through your service to Him. The power to change lives only comes through God, and you must walk with Him for God to use your service to influence the hearts of those you serve. Don't get so busy serving that you forsake your walk with God.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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