Behind the Throne

1 Chronicles 11:10
“These also are the chief of the mighty men whom David had, who strengthened themselves with him in his kingdom, and with all Israel, to make him king, according to the word of the LORD concerning Israel.”

David is no doubt the measurement by which all of the kings of Israel are judged. Every king who sat on the throne of Israel has always been compared to David. It was David whom God said was a man after His own heart, and he was the tool whom God used to establish a great kingdom.

However, David would have never been a great king by himself. As great of a leader that David was, it took several people behind the throne to help him to achieve a great kingdom. The verse above shows that there were mighty men who helped David to strengthen his kingdom, in fact, there were forty-eight men who were specifically pointed out who helped David to strengthen his kingdom. 1 Chronicles 14:2 says that “his kingdom was lifted up on high, because of his people Israel.” David would have never achieved the great accomplishments as king of Israel by himself, but he attained those great exploits because of a bunch of people behind the throne who were willing to follow and help him to see God do something great in Israel.

No great man of God has ever achieved great works alone. Certainly, God uses a man, but no man has ever done the great works of God by himself. Behind every great man of God are a people who are dedicated to seeing God do something great. Behind every great man of God are a people who are willing to stand in the shadows as God uses their preacher to accomplish great things. Many of those people behind the great men of God could have thought that they could do something themselves, but they understood that it takes a team to work together for God to continue to do something great.

My friend, your preacher can only do so much by himself; eventually it takes an army of people whose hearts God has touched for great works to be seen in your church. If you leave your preacher to do everything by himself, you will never see God do great works in your church.

Moreover, it takes people behind the throne to attempt great things themselves. Behind David were great men who attempted great feats all by themselves, but those great feats became a plethora of great victories as all forty-eight men accomplished victories on their own. Most of God’s great works are done by individuals inside of the work who have the faith to attempt great things for God. If every person in every church attempted great works of faith in their ministry, God could build great ministries again in our present day.

Furthermore, jealousy has no part in great ministries. You will find that great works are built by great people who are willing to share their great accomplishments with others. If you have to get the glory for any great accomplishment that you headed up, you will find that jealousy and pride will destroy what God is doing.

Finally, every person behind the throne must be willing to follow the leader for God to do something great. Always realize that God uses a man, but He also blesses him with a great army of people who follow him and help him to see God’s great accomplishments in their church. Let me encourage you to be a part of the army who follow your preacher to do great things for God.

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