Being a Joy Superspreader


2 Corinthians 2:1-2 “But I determined this with myself, that I would not come again to you in heaviness. For if I make you sorry, who is he then that maketh me glad, but the same which is made sorry by me?”

As the COVID pandemic has gone on for many months, one of the things that authorities have falsely maintained is that certain events are “superspreaders” and others that “they” deem safe are not. How they can determine this is somewhat foolish because it seems as if the events they want to go to are not superspreaders. These authorities are maintaining that certain events have the possibility of infecting others at a high rate, which they want people to avoid.

I would like for you to be a superspreader. No, I don't want you to infect others with a virus; however, I do want you to be a superspreader of joy. Paul understood that the first book that he wrote to the church of Corinth was strong and brought conviction to these people. In the verses above, he determined that he would not do that again but that he would come to them in joy. He understood that the people who could encourage him could not encourage him if he made them sad. Instead of being a superspreader of gloom and negativity, Paul determined to be a superspreader of joy.

This world is in great need of people who will be superspreaders of joy. Joy is infectious, but so is negativity and gloom. You will do more to help people by being a superspreader of joy than you ever will by spreading doom and gloom. There are several things you must do if you are going to be a superspreader of joy.

First, you must determine to be a superspreader of joy. Paul said he “determined” that he would not come again to these people in “heaviness.” It is not going to be easy to be a superspreader of joy in a negative world; however, you can be that superspreader if you will determine in your heart that you won’t spread the doom, gloom, and negativity.

Second, you must be careful about your influences if you want to be a superspreader of joy. You can't be constantly influenced by negativity and gloom and be a spreader of joy at the same time. The need for you to be a superspreader of joy is more vital than for you to hear the negative and gloom that the world wants you to hear. Some of the superspreaders of negativity that you must avoid is the news media, social media, and negative people. You cannot have a contact intake of news and social media and be a superspreader of joy at the same time. The negativity of the world will pull your spirit down and will hinder you from spreading joy if you don't control it.

Third, spend time with joy infectors if you want to be a superspreader of joy. Just like negativity is infectious, so is joy. Spend your time with joyful people. Spend time in God’s Word and let it give you the positive outlook you need for the day. Keep your heart clean from sin because sin always takes joy away. Spend much time with God in prayer, and you will find that He will give you joy.

My friend, this world needs superspreaders of joy. Let me challenge you to be the superspreader of joy and infect others with the joy of the LORD. You will do more to influence people for right by being a person of joy than a person of doom and gloom. Let me simply remind you to be good to everyone because everyone is having a tough time.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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