Better is the End


Ecclesiastes 7:8 “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”

Starting something is always easy, but getting to the end takes endurance, determination, patience, and focus. As good as the start may seem, the fulfillment and joy that comes from getting to the end is far better than the beginning of what you started. What happens to many is that they start something, and they find out how hard it was to complete what they started, and they quit instead of working through the obstacles to get to the end. Many started an education that they will never know the satisfaction that comes from finishing it. Many start projects that they will never know the satisfaction that comes from looking at a finished project because they never finish what they start. Many will never know the joy of making it to the end of life with the same spouse because they quit in the difficult times of marriage. You will have to work through several things if you are ever going to get to where you can say that the end is better than the beginning.

First, you will never know what the end is like until you start. One of the things that keeps many from starting is the fear of failure. You can look at how many people have never finished and let the fear of failure keep you from starting, or you can determine not to be like everyone else who started and didn't finish. You can talk about projects you want to do all day long, but talk is empty until you start. It is good to dream and envision doing something great for God, but you will never do it until you start it. Put your fears of failure aside, and get the initiative it takes to start what you dream about.

Second, you will never know what the end is like if you quit and run in the difficult times. Changing places doesn't change life’s difficulties. Running from your problems or changing landscapes to a different location never causes your problems to go away. If you quit every time difficulties arise or run to another landscape every time things get a little rough, you will never know the joy that comes from staying until you finish. Have you ever considered that every place you have run to get away from your problems that your problems were there before you got there? At some point, you need to determine to stop running and choose to stay until you finish.

Third, you will never know what the end is like if you get sidetracked with the unimportant. There are many things that can pull you away from what you are supposed to do, but you must never let the unimportant pull you away from the important. The unimportant always clamors for your attention, but you must stay focused on what you are supposed to do if you are going to be a finisher. Many people have gotten sidetracked by good things but never finished the best thing they were doing. Just because something is good to do doesn't make it the right thing for you to do. You are to do what God wants you to do and let the unimportant things be done by others.

Fourth, you will never know what the end is like if you allow sin to destroy your life. Sin has destroyed many good ministries. My friend, as enjoyable as the sin may seem, it always brings heartache. Many sit at the end of life and wonder what could have been because sin kept them from getting to the end. Sin is a liar and never delivers what it says it will give. The only thing that sin delivers is heartache and regret. Don't yield to sin’s temptation, and finish the good that you started; you will never regret it.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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