Revelation 1:3
“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

One thing every believer can emphatically say is that they are blessed of God. If the only thing God did was to save the believer from Hell, they would be blessed beyond measure. However, I believe every believer could say without reservation that God has been so good to them far beyond their salvation.

Oftentimes, after God has done something for me in the ministry, I will post it on social media to let others know of God’s goodness. When I finish the post, I often put the tag: #blessed. I do this because I truly feel blessed that God would use me to do His work. However, what does it mean to be blessed?

Being blessed carries several meanings with it. Being blessed means that you are favored by God. There is no doubt that the believer is favored by God far beyond those who have never met the Saviour. Being blessed means that you are endowed by God. God has blessed the believer in so many ways by providing for them when they could not provide for themselves. Being blessed means that you are fortunate. No, you don’t have anything that others could not have, but you are certainly fortunate that you came to the point in your life when you chose to get saved and serve the LORD.

If you were to stop and look at all that the LORD has done for you, there is no doubt that you could post, #blessed. God has blessed you with salvation, blessings, mercy, grace, answered prayers, usefulness, family, church, and so much more. Every believer can absolutely say, #blessed. However, the verse above shows how you can increase God’s blessings.

First, you can increase God’s blessings by reading His Word. Just think right now how many Bibles you have in your house. If you were to realize how blessed you are to own God’s Word, you would probably realize the value of reading it. My friend, you cannot read God’s Word without being blessed with the wisdom and counsel of God. The saddest thing I see among believers is the lack of believers reading the Book which has the greatest wealth of wisdom, which is God’s Word. If you want to be blessed every day, you would be wise to open the Scriptures and read them.

Second, you can increase God’s blessings by hearing God’s Word. It is good to read God’s Word daily, but it is also good to listen to the preaching of God’s Word. How many times have you listened to a sermon and left being blessed by the truths of God’s Word. With the blessing of technology, you can listen to sermons throughout the day. You can let God’s Word become a greater part of your day by listening to the Scriptures being read, and by listening to sermons.

Third, you can increase God’s blessings by obeying His Word. The easiest way to be blessed by God is to obey what He tells you to do. You cannot obey God without being blessed. One way that God helps His children to enjoy life is by blessing them for obeying His Word. Obedience to God’s Word results in God’s blessings on your life.

My friend, these three things will bring God’s blessings on your life. You could easily post daily, #blessed, if you will just do these three things that God promises will bring His blessings.

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