Blockage of God’s Love


Matthew 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

Sin causes the love of the believer to wax cold. The word “wax” means to increase. In other words, the more sin that a person has in their life, the less place for love to flow through the believer’s life. Sin and love cannot dwell together. The more sin a person has, the less love they will have for others. The less sin a person does, the more love they will have for others. The only reason a person cannot love is because of sin. If you remove the sin, you will find that the person will be able to love.

One of the things that I was taught as a young preacher is that people will take the hard preaching if you love them. Now that I am a pastor, I totally understand this principle. It is not that people will not take hard preaching; it is that they will not take it from someone who does not love them. When someone knows they are loved, they will take the direct preaching that points out their sin. Now, what love is God talking about?

First, He is talking about love for the brethren. You will always find it hard to love certain brethren when you have sin in your life. Throughout the New Testament, God talks about the importance of loving the brethren. You will find that you can love all the brethren when you remove sin from your life.

Second, God is talking about loving the fallen. Many have a problem restoring the fallen because their hearts are filled with sin. Of course, you will not have it in you to restore the fallen when there is no place for the love of God to flow through you. God gave us the book of Philemon to show the importance of forgiving and restoring someone who has done wrong. You will always struggle with having the love to restore the fallen when sin is blocking God’s love from flowing through you.

Third, God is talking about having the love to reach the lost for Christ. God showed us in John 3:16 that the primary purpose of love is to reach the lost. You need God’s love to be a soul winner. The reason it does not bother some not to go soul winning is because sin has caused their love to wax cold. To be indifferent about reaching the lost reveals that sin has caused your love for the lost to wax cold. You cannot have the love of God flowing through you without having a desire to reach the lost. Never to be bothered about the lost going to Hell is to show how much sin in has caused your love to wax cold.

The key to all of this is the word “love.” Love is a verb, which means that love is action. Love is not a noun that is stagnant, but love is a verb that allows the believer to be a conduit for God’s love to flow through them to these three areas. When you have God’s love flowing through you, you will find yourself loving the brethren, restoring the fallen, and reaching the lost for Christ.

Now let me ask, has sin caused a blockage of God’s love in your heart? Just like the person who has a blockage in their arteries that keeps the blood from flowing to the heart, so sin will cause a blockage in the believer’s heart that keeps God’s love from flowing through them to help a brother, restore the fallen, and reaching the lost for Christ. If you remove the sin, you remove the blockage that prevents God’s love from flowing through you.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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