Blueprints for a Happy Home

Psalm 127:1
“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

Before a contractor starts a home-building project, they must have a set a blueprints to guide them on how to build a home. Without blueprints, the home will not be safe, nor will the home built produce the outcome that the customer desires. It takes a blueprint to build a safe home and to the desired specifications that the customer desires.

Likewise, you will never build a happy home without the blueprints of God’s Word. God is the architect of the home, and He knows exactly what the home needs to be happy. In the verse above, God details what it takes to build a happy home. Let me point out the instructions God gives for the blueprints for a happy home.

First, you will never build a happy home without the LORD. The verse above says twice, “Except the LORD…” You will find the home that leaves God out will find an emptiness that the world and its activities can never fill. You will fail to build a godly atmosphere and home without the LORD. The LORD must be the center of every home. That means that every home must spend time in the Scriptures and prayer for guidance if you want your home to be happy.

Second, building a godly home is not going to be easy. Building a house takes work, and building a godly home also takes work. The work it takes to build a godly home is worth it. Never let the hard work it takes to build a godly home weary you to the point that you give up.

Third, you must build a godly atmosphere if you want to have a happy home. Building the house in the verse above is inferring to the atmosphere of the home. Music plays a great part in building a godly atmosphere. Be sure that you have good Christian music playing in the background that the LORD would feel comfortable listening to. Also, a godly atmosphere is one where you don’t allow striving between family members; this starts with the husband and wife. Don’t expect a happy atmosphere in the home when you and your spouse are constantly arguing. A happy atmosphere for the children to follow starts with the parents getting along with each other.

Fourth, you must build godly influences for your home. Keeping the city in the verse above is talking about the influences you allow to influence your home. No parent will be the sole influence of their children; however, every parent should protect the influences that influence their children. These influences are the spiritual leaders and school teachers you allow your children to be under. Be sure you have a good church where the leaders of the church promote parental authority and godly living. Moreover, you must guard the technologies that influence your children. The television and digital games your children play are influencing them; be careful with what you allow them to see. Furthermore, guard the friends who influence your children. All these influences are a part of the city that influence your children and who they will become.

Finally, every godly home must be on guard for the enemy without. Let me encourage you to be a parent who is willing to draw lines and say, “No” to your children. You cannot have a happy home without guarding your home and children from the enemy.

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