Body Mindset

1 Corinthians 12:14
“For the body is not one member, but many.”

I’m afraid that the mindset many have in their churches is hurting the work of the LORD. So many churches and church leaders carry a kingdom mindset when the LORD makes it clear we should have a body mindset. Just because corporations and worldly organizations work on the kingdom mindset and succeed doesn’t mean that the church should work the same way. God makes it clear that the church “is not one member, but many.” Let me clarify that when I talk about the church that I am not talking about separate churches working together, but I am talking about the local New Testament Baptist church working as a body. Every church is its own body. However, the local church body must have a body mindset if it is going to reach the lost as it should. Let me explain to you the body mindset.

First, the body mindset realizes that it is not more or less important than anyone else. Every member of the body is important. The interesting thing about the body is it doesn’t look at another member in a hierarchal viewpoint. The hierarchal viewpoint is a kingdom building viewpoint that leads to proud attitudes that believe one person is better than another because of their position. If every member of the church body treated each other as their own body, there would be no schisms or demanding attitudes coming from any person.

Second, the body mindset realizes there must be a mind to make decisions. A leader of the church is not better than another body member, but someone must make decisions so the body will know what to do. Leadership must realize that the “my kingdom” mentality is a prideful and worldly mentality. Just because they make decisions doesn’t make them better than others. They are simply in leadership positions to lead the body to do what the Word of God tells the church to do. If leaders treated every person as their own body, they would never condescend with a “my kingdom” mentality.

Third, the body mindset realizes it is working with everyone to get the same cause accomplished. Verse 25 admonishes the church to be careful of schisms. Always be willing to work with others in your church, and be careful about acquiring a mindset that thinks your position is the most important position. Everybody in the body is important; so, work with each other so the body can accomplish what the LORD intended for it to accomplish.

Fourth, the body mindset won’t rebuff but help a suffering member. Verse 26 teaches the importance of building the suffering member. In the LORD’s work, we must never treat those who don’t quite do what we think they should do in a hateful or angry manner. Instead of getting angry at others, find a way to build them so they can do better the next time. You don’t belittle a part of your body that is hurt, but your whole body runs to it to help it heal. Likewise, the church body should have the same mindset to help each other when one doesn’t meet the expectations the body needs.

Fifth, the body mindset stays in its own area. Verses 15-18 show how each member of the body does its own work. Likewise, the church will perform at its peak when every member stays in their area of responsibility. Be careful not to meddle in another’s area of responsibility because this will hurt the ability of the church to accomplish what it needs to do for the LORD.

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