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Job 34:36
“My desire is that Job may be tried unto the end because of his answers for wicked men.”

When I look at books to read, I often read the reviews before purchasing the book. It would be unfair for someone to write a review on the book based on one chapter because one chapter is a fragment of the whole book. In fact, the one chapter that one might judge a book by could be a foundational chapter that is necessary for the next chapter that is filled with meat to help the reader. The only way to get a proper review of a book is to read the whole book.

One of the biggest mistakes many people make in life is that they choose to judge one’s life by one chapter instead of judging their life as a whole. When a person is hurt by someone, or they have been greatly disappointed by someone, they often look at the one thing that they feel was wrong, and they judge that person’s life by that one chapter instead of judging them by the whole book of their life.

Elihu said in the verse above, “My desire is that Job may be tried unto the end…” He said that he wanted Job tried unto the end, but he judged Job by one chapter of his life. Elihu was as unfair to Job as the other three friends; they all judged Job by one chapter of his life that was filled with grief instead of looking at his life as a whole.

You will greatly improve your relationships in life if you would stop judging people by one incident in their life that writes a bad chapter in the book of their life. Many marriages struggle because each person judges their spouse by one chapter instead of looking at the whole book. Likewise, this could be said about church members judging their pastor, believers judging each other, friends judging their friends, or believers judging God’s treatment of them in one stage of their life. Let me give a couple of thoughts concerning reviewing people and life.

First, it is unfair to expect every chapter to be perfect. Every person is a sinner; therefore, every person will have a bad chapter in their life. If you looked at your life, you would find that your life has some bad chapters as well. Instead of letting one chapter dictate your review of another person’s life, you would be wise to realize that people are sinners, and people will have some bad chapters in their lives.

Second, what you deem as a bad chapter could be part of what makes up a great life. What you consider to be a liability in one’s life could be the asset that makes them. For instance, a person who completes projects is often a demanding person. Yes, their demanding may be unpleasant, but it is the asset/liability that helps them to accomplish what they get done. You must realize that what you consider a liability is often the asset that makes the complete person you like. Stop trying to change the liability and realize that it is what makes the individual who they are.

Third, look at the whole book instead of judging a life by one chapter. You will become a lonely person if you continually review people by one chapter in their life. Don’t let the one chapter you dislike about someone cause you to throw them out of your life. It is only one chapter of many chapters, and you could salvage many relationships if you would look at the life of people as a whole book. You will find most people are great people if you look at their life as a book instead of a chapter.

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