Building a Bridge to Mecca


When I go soul winning and someone tells me they are a Muslim, usually I get stuck with what to say next. This article is not intended to lead Muslims to Christ. This article is to help soul winners smoothly get the Gospel to Muslims. I suggest using a plan of salvation that is familiar to you, but your lead into the Gospel will be slightly different.

As soon as the conversation reveals that they are Islamic, use a compliment, something like, “I wish all Muslims were like you” to remove fears they might have. Then ask, “Do you believe in Shariah(Islamic law) that states that thieves must have their hands cut off, apostates must be killed and men can beat disobedient wives?” Shariah has several brutal laws that will separate the moderate Muslim from their core beliefs. Other brutal laws in Shariah would include:

Rebellion against Muslim leader – Death
Adultery – Death
Fornication – 100 lashes
Drinking alcohol – 80 lashes

Your object is not to berate Islam, but you must cause the Muslim to admit he doesn’t follow the brutal laws. Because Shariah is based on Muhammad’s words and actions, to deny Shariah is to deny Muhammad. You have separated the Muslim from Muhammad without berating him.  Again, assure him that you wish all Muslims were like him.

Next, ask him, “Do you believe that Jihad is a struggle within yourself?” If he replies yes, tell him, “God’s Word (God’s Word is a term that is recognized by the Muslim, and therefore will speak to their heart) speaks of jihad and how I can have victory.  Would you let me show you what God’s Word says about jihad and how to win this struggle?” When he replies in the affirmative, you open your Bible to Romans 7:15, 19, 24 and show him Paul’s description of the “inner struggle.” Then go to Romans 8:1, and show him the solution to the struggle while emphasizing the “in Christ.”

The next question you would ask is, “Would you like me to show you how you can be ‘in Christ’ and win the ‘Jihad’ between your flesh and spirit?” Now go right into the plan of salvation that you regularly use.

At some point, you must emphasize the deity of Christ. When dealing with followers of false religions, I usually put the deity of Christ at Romans 5:8. When witnessing to a Muslim, begin this stage with, “I know you’ve been taught that I am a ‘polytheist’, but I want to assure you I am not.” A polytheist is a term used in Islam to describe those who believe in many gods (poly—many; Theo—God). It is vital to cause the prospect to grasp the truth of the Trinity. Without the acceptance of the Trinity, you have denied the deity of Christ, and this will not allow salvation (John 8:24). There are many illustrations of the Trinity: water, sunlight, egg, apple and others, but an effective illustration that can be used at this time is the human. When I explain the Trinity with a human illustration, I tell the prospect, “God showed us the trinity in every human being. Did you know that you were created in the image of God? (Genesis 1:26) Just like God is a 3-part being, you also are a 3-part being. First you have a body that communicates with nature. You taste, see, hear, feel and smell things. Second you have a mind that communicates with other men. You think of ideas and express them. Third, you have a spirit that communicates with God in prayer and Bible reading. Your body, mind and spirit are all 3 separate, yet are all 3 in 1. Do not proceed if they reject the deity of Christ (John 8:24). You can show them passages that teach this truth (1 John 5:7; John 1:1; Philippians 2:6; Colossians 1:16 with Genesis 1:1; John 20:27-28; Revelation 1:8; Isaiah 9:6 and many others, but they must accept the fact of the Trinity before you continue.

If they reject the deity of Christ, challenge them to study the passages above, along with the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6, and 7), and let the Holy Spirit work with them. Those that acknowledge the fact that Jesus is God can be helped as you would any other prospect.

Another illustration that can be very useful in winning the Muslim is to remind them that according to Mohammed’s teaching, the most sure way for a Muslim to enter Paradise (Paradise is a term that is familiar to the Muslim, and is a Bible term, Luke 23:43) is to die in jihad (Sura 61:10-12). In other words, Allah wants his followers to die for him. Then show the prospect in Romans 5:8 how God has died for His followers so they could come to Paradise with Him.

When witnessing to Muslims, as with all unsaved people, you cannot humanly reach them. They must be reached by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:32).  Seek His guidance before, during, and after your presentation, and realize that a “scratch” lovingly placed in the Muslim’s heart may later be used by another soul winner to bring a harvest (1 Corinthians 3:6).

John Johnson
River Lake Baptist Church
Waverly, TN

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