But He Was a Leper

2 Kings 5:1
“Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honourable, because by him the LORD had given deliverance unto Syria: he was also a mighty man in valour, but he was a leper.”

Everybody in Syria knew who Naaman was. He was one of the great leaders of the Syrian army. He was one of the most valuable men on his master’s defense cabinet. He was one of the most decorated warriors of his day. He was even someone whom the LORD has used to help secure victory for Syria. As the verse above says, “he was also a mighty man in valour…”

However, as great of a man that Naaman was, he still had one main problem in his life. The verse above says, “…but he was a leper.” All the talent he had meant nothing because he was a leper. He was the captain of the Syrian host, “…but he was a leper.” He was a great man to his master, “…but he was a leper.” He could talk about many victorious campaigns that he led, “…but he was a leper.” He had many stories of bravery that children loved to hear, “…but he was a leper.” As many assets that he had to offer, his liability outweighed his asset. His leprosy was a greater liability than his abilities and talent were of an asset.

Leprosy is always a picture of sin in the Scriptures. If you put Naaman’s story into the perspective that leprosy is sin, you can only come to the conclusion that sin is the greatest liability anyone has to overcome. All the great assets that Naaman had meant nothing as long as he had to deal with leprosy. His leprosy was his nemesis that kept him from becoming all that he could do for the LORD.

Christian, sin is still the greatest liability that you have to overcome. It doesn’t matter what your talent, ability or intellect is, sin always holds you back from doing what you are capable of doing. The greatest liability in anyone’s life is sin. Sin holds your talents and abilities captive. Sin is the restraint that keeps your talents and abilities from being used to the extent that God can use them. You are limiting what God can do through you as long as you allow sin to rule in your life.

Moreover, your only answer to overcoming sin is to follow God’s methods for cleansing. You, like Naaman, may not like God’s prescription for overcoming sin, but you will never find victory of your nemesis until you accept the scriptural method for overcoming sin. What is this method to overcome sin?

First, confession must be made. You will never overcome sin in your life until you admit you have a problem with it. Many people continue to let sin rule in their life because they don’t want to admit their problem. You can continue to let sin hold you back from what you can do, or you can admit your problem.

Second, you must remove your pride for God to cleanse you. Pride is the greatest inhibitor of overcoming sin. Naaman’s refusal to wash in the Jordan kept him from seeing victory. Many people have tried to paint their sin differently because of pride only to see their sin continually rule over them. Christian, stop trying to save your reputation; swallow your pride and admit your sin problem.

God can help you overcome sin, but you are going to have to come clean with Him and yourself. Don’t let sin’s liability inhibit your assets from being used to their greatest ability because of pride.

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