Cause and Effect

Hosea 4:1
“Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.”

Hosea 4:1-6 has some very powerful statements as to why God judged His people. He says in the verse above, “…the LORD hath a controversy…” The word “controversy” carries several different definitions which show the implications of Israel’s actions. “Controversy” means, strivings, contentions and adversary. In other words, the actions of Israel caused contention between them and God. Their actions made them God’s adversary. Their actions led to striving with the One Who helped them exist. This is a sad commentary of a people chosen by God, but what is the cause of this situation?

He said the cause was “because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.” When truth was no longer important to Israel, they made themselves God’s adversary. When mercy was no longer practiced, they put themselves at odds with God. When they stopped learning about God and lost their knowledge of Him, it led to this controversy between God and Israel. However, what was the effect of these actions?

The effects are mourning and languishing. The effect was a country that became weak and no longer had God to defend them from their enemies to the point that they were “destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The cause and effect led to an absence of enjoyment. Had they considered the cause and effect of their actions, they could have averted the destruction that sin caused. Had they considered what their lack of knowledge about God would do, they could have lived in their land for many years to come.

Christian, you must always consider that there is a cause and effect for everything you do. You may think that your actions have little to no impact on your life, but you are lying to yourself to think that the effects can be avoided. You can’t live in a world without right and wrong and expect the effects to be enjoyable; there must be right and wrong if you want life to be enjoyed. You can’t live life in a vindictive manner and think that it won’t damage or destroy your relationships. Just because someone does something to you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be merciful to them. There is always an effect of being vindictive. Likewise, you can’t live your life without a knowledge of God and expect Him to bless you in spite of your foolish actions. A world void of God is the result of a person who chose to stop learning about God. There is a cause and effect to each of these actions.

My friend, if you want to enjoy life, you better consider the cause and effect of each action. If an action leads to a wrong effect, you need to find what caused a person to do those actions and avoid them. If an action leads to a blessed effect, you should find out what caused a person to do those actions and start emulating them yourself. The secret to an enjoyable life is really no secret at all if you simply study God’s Word and learn from the lives of individuals whom God as examples from which to learn. Let me further warn you that if another person had an adverse effect because of their actions, you would be wise to understand that you are not the exception to the laws of cause and effect. The enjoyment of life will be determined by your knowledge and adherence to God’s laws.

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