Changing Point

Ezra 9:6
“And said, O my God, I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face to thee, my God: for our iniquities are increased over our head, and our trespass is grown up unto the heavens.”

The changing point is that moment at which things begin to change in your situation. There are often changing points in a game when a team does a play that changes the outcome of the game for good or bad. There are changing points in politics when something changes the mindsets of the voters who are on the fence for one candidate. In business, there are changing points when a business does something that either makes the business succeed or fail. Changing points are a part of life that change the direction for good or bad.

If you are going to overcome sin, you are in need of a changing point that changes the direction from sin to holiness. In the verse above, the people of Israel came to a changing point that brought God’s blessings on their life. There are six changing points you must go through if you are going to overcome a sin.

The first changing point is acknowledging your sin. When you read the verse above as a whole, you see that these people finally saw their sin. The changing point for the believer living in sin is when they acknowledge their actions as sin and not as mistakes. As long as you see your actions as a mistake, you will continue to do the same sin and reap the same consequences.

The second changing point is being ashamed you committed such a sin. In the verse above, the people were “ashamed” of their sin. Are you ashamed of your sin? Does your sin bother you? Are you only trying to change because you got caught? You will never overcome sin until you are ashamed of your sin.

The third changing point is embarrassment that you did such a thing. In the verse above, they blushed that they did such sin. My friend, not only should you be ashamed of your sin, but it should bother you that you did such a thing. Being ashamed of your sin is seeing what sin did to you; being embarrassed of your sin is seeing what your sin did to others. You will never come to the changing point that helps you overcome sin until you see what your sin has done to others.

The fourth changing point is total discomfort in God’s presence. These people were embarrassed to lift their heads to God when they prayed. The greatest changing point in the believer’s life is when God’s righteousness reveals their depravity. The holiness of God should cause you to be uncomfortable with your sin. You will never overcome your besetting sin until you are uncomfortable in God’s presence because of your sin.

The fifth changing point is seeing the totality of your sin. These people saw that their sins were increased over their head. You will never conquer sin until you see how it controls your whole life. When you realize that your sin has increased over your head is when you realize that sin is controlling and affecting every aspect of your life.

The sixth changing point is realizing the opportunity that God’s grace is giving you. When you realize that God has given you a space of grace to change is when you take that as an opportunity to turn things around. Let me challenge you not to take God’s grace as another opportunity to sin, but take it as an opportunity to change.

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