Child Sacrifice

Jeremiah 19:6
“Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that this place shall no more be called Tophet, nor The valley of the son of Hinnom, but The valley of slaughter.”

Three stages are mentioned in this verse which properly describes what happens to children whose parents don’t carefully guard them. The first stage talked about in the verse above is a place called “Tophet.” Tophet was situated on the east side of Jerusalem. It was a place where the children of Israel copied the religions of the world and sacrificed their children to Baal. The word “Tophet” comes from the word, “drums.” As the drums pounded faster and faster, children would be thrown to the fires of Baal as a sacrifice to this heathen god only to bring God’s wrath upon His people.

Tophet eventually became known as, “The valley of the son of Hinnom.” This valley became the sewer and dump for the city of Jerusalem. It was the place where they took their refuse. Hinnom was the city dump and sewer. It is interesting that what was once was a place where children were sacrificed to Baal became a place of trash and dung.

Because of the heathen practices of this place, God said that one day it would become “The valley of slaughter.” God was fed up with these people sacrificing their children to the world, and He judged them by having them slain in the same valley where they sacrificed their children.

Sadly, many parents today are sacrificing their children to the world. With a desire to fit in with the world, many parents are losing their children because they are in step with the drumbeat of the world. Parents can’t expect to turn out godly children when they are walking to the drumbeat of the world. You are going to lose you children if you are more interested in fitting in with the world than you are with pleasing God.

You can’t turn out godly children when you are listening to the drumbeat of the world’s music. Music plays a big role in the lives of children. When you listen to the rock, country and western, or any music the world puts out, you can be guaranteed that you will lose your children to the world. When believers copy the world’s music by putting spiritual words to a worldly drumbeat and sensual presentation, you can expect your children to eventually walk in the cesspool of the world.

Moreover, you won’t turn out godly children when you are dressing to the drumbeat of the world. My friend, when you are more interested in wearing the tight-fitting, scantily dressed clothing that the world produces, you will find your children moving to the sewer of the worldly lifestyle. You can’t dress like the world and expect your children to live for God. Your clothing does identify whom you serve. If you don’t believe me, just go to the Old Testament and look how God told his children to dress differently from the Egyptians. God did this so that the children would grow up identifying with the Israelite way of life. If you want your children to avoid the sewer of Hinnom, you would be wise to dress according to the holy standards God set up in the Scriptures.

Furthermore, your children will be a sacrifice for the world when parents live to the drumbeat of worldly living. Don’t expect your children to turn out for God when you go to worldly activities and miss church. If your children are important to you, you would be wise to stop listening to the drumbeat of the world and live according to the Scriptures.

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