Numbers 3:4 “And Nadab and Abihu died before the LORD, when they offered strange fire before the LORD, in the wilderness of Sinai, and they had no children: and Eleazar and Ithamar ministered in the priest's office in the sight of Aaron their father.“

One of the saddest statements that could be said about any believer is that they had no spiritual children. We often look at Nadab and Abihu for their sin of offering strange fire, and that is certainly a sad commentary on their lives, but maybe the saddest commentary on their lives is that they had no children. Now, I don't know why they had no children, but I do know that they didn't have any. There was no one to carry on their name to generations to come because they had no children. They were the end of their heritage, and there was no child who could make something of their name. Yes, their brothers carried on their family name and heritage, but of their own they had nobody to continue the heritage given to them.

As sad as the story is above, what is sadder is when Christians have no spiritual children to carry on the heritage given to them. God’s command from the beginning is to multiply and replenish. This command is certainly for the family, but it is more than just a principle for the family; it is a principle for every area of life. If you stop reproducing yourself spiritually in others, what you know will stop with you. The saddest thing that could be said about anyone when they die is that they had no spiritual children in whom they invested. My friend, you must not let that be your legacy. Let me give you a couple of thoughts on how to have spiritual children to carry what you know spiritually on to future generations.

First, you must be a soul winner. You cannot have spiritual children if you are not soul winning. Having spiritual children starts with a new birth, and God uses believers to carry the Gospel to the lost so there can be a new birth. If you don't lead people to Christ, you will not have any spiritual children to carry what you know spiritually on to future generations.

Second, you must invest in those who you lead to Christ. Leading people to Christ is not the end of your responsibility in the Great Commission; you are to take what you know and invest your knowledge in those you have led to Christ. You don't have to be a preacher to do this; every believer is commanded to do this. You must follow up on those who you have led to Christ realizing they are your spiritual children in the Lord. The Lord used you to lead them to Him; therefore, as children are a heritage of the LORD, so those you lead to Christ were directed by the LORD Himself so that you can invest in them.

Third, don't compare the amount of children you have to others; rather, invest in the children you have. It is so easy to become discouraged because you do not see people saved and baptized like others do. The way you will have multiple spiritual children is to stay busy soul winning and investing in those you do lead to Christ. The busier you stay investing in soul winning and in your spiritual children, the more that God will lead you to others to be saved.

Let me ask you, if you died today, do you have any spiritual children to carry on the heritage that you taught them? Don't die spiritually childless, because if you do, the only one at fault is you.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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