Circumstantial Goodness

Judges 17:13
“Then said Micah, Now know I that the LORD will do me good, seeing I have a Levite to my priest.”

The story from Judges 17 is a troubling story. You can see the result of a people doing that which was right in their own eyes. Micah had stolen some silver from his mother, and for whatever reason, he chose to confess his thievery to her. Not only had Micah stolen from his mother, but he also had a house of gods that was full of graven images. The amazing part about Micah is that he considered himself a spiritual and godly man because of his house of gods.

However, the truth I want you to see comes from his hiring a Levite to be his priest. Micah thought that hiring a Levite to be his priest would result in the LORD being good to him. Micah’s assumption of God’s goodness was based on circumstances more than the character of God. Micah based his premise of God’s goodness on having a priest in his house rather than on doing right. His mentality of God’s goodness was entirely based on circumstances.

Sadly, many believers have the same mentality of Micah. Many believers believe God’s goodness is more circumstantial. When I consider the statement that Micah made in the verse above, I come to three conclusions about God’s goodness.

First, God’s goodness is based on His character. The character of God is goodness. God is not good because you say He is good, but God is good because He is good. God is good not because you deem Him to be good, but He is good whether or not you consider Him to be good. God’s goodness is not held captive to human reasoning; instead, God’s goodness is based on His character.

Second, God is good even when your circumstances of life are not favorable. Too many believers say that God is good right after they have been blessed, but let me remind you that God is good even if you have never been blessed. God’s goodness is not based on riches, health, or circumstances of life, but His goodness is based on Who He is. You make God a small God if the only time He is good is when everything in life seems to be in your favor. Let me emphatically remind you that if you are at the bottom of life, God is still good. God is still good if your health is gone. God is still good if your finances are upside down. God is still good when friends and family forsake you. God is still good even if your life mirrors the heartaches of Job. Your circumstances don’t make God good; rather, His deity makes Him good.

Third, God’s goodness is not determined by His blessings. Never mistake blessings for God’s goodness. Blessings are a result of God’s mercy and your obedience to what He tells you to do. There are people who have not seen what they consider blessings, but God is still good in spite of their plight in life. Never put God in a box that only deems Him good when He is blessing you. Never confuse His goodness with His blessings. God is good even if He chooses not to bless you.

My friend, don’t fall for the same mistake that Micah did in deeming God good because of blessings. You will quickly become disenchanted with God if the only time you think He is good is when He blesses you. If you accept the fact that God is good no matter what, you will never find yourself never becoming bitter towards God.

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