Cleansing Actions

Numbers 8:6
“Take the Levites from among the children of Israel, and cleanse them.”

The Levites were servants in the tabernacle. It was vitally important for the Levites to be clean because they assisted the priest in the work of the tabernacle. As Moses set up the tabernacle, God gave him a prescribed list of things to do in order for the Levites to be cleansed from the outside world.

If you are saved, you are to be a servant in God’s church. You cannot serve God as you should and be soiled from the sins of the world. If you want God to use you mightily in your walk with Him, you must take the cleansing actions that the Levites followed in order for God to use them in the tabernacle. Let me share these six actions with you.

First, it takes God’s Word to purify you. God told Moses to “Sprinkle water of purifying upon them.” Water is a picture of God’s Word. God called it the “water of purifying.” To purify something means to remove the contaminates. Only God’s Word can remove all temptation. If you truly want to overcome the temptation of sin, you must let God’s Word wash your mind, heart and soul so that sin no longer has its mark in your mind or lure to your soul.

Second, you must humble yourself before God and acknowledge your need for cleansing. It says in verse 7, “…and let them shave all their flesh…” This is a humbling action to shave your flesh of all hair. Pride is the source of all sin, and until you are willing to humble yourself and admit that you need cleansing, you will continue to struggle with the sins that pull you away from God.

Third, you must remove all things from your life that you’ve used to hide your sins. Verse 7 continues to say, “…and let them wash their clothes…” Clothes are used to cover your nakedness, and God told them to wash their clothes. My friend, you can cover your sin with deception, but you will continue to fall for the sin that is destroying your ability to be used by God. Coming clean with God by being accountable for your sin is the only way to remove the filth in which sin has placed you.

Fourth, you must confess your sin to God. In verse 8, God commands them to take a young bullock for a sacrifice. This young bullock was to be used for a sin offering. You cannot be cleansed from sin until you confess your sin to God. Confession is more than a mere repetition of words to appease your sinful conscience, but confession is a total humbling of yourself and admitting to God in detail what things you have done. You cannot come clean from sin until you are willing to admit to God in detail what you have done.

Fifth, you must refocus your attention on God’s blessings instead of focusing on your flesh’s “needs.” God also told Moses to prepare a meat offering which was an offering of thankfulness to God for what He did for Israel. Being thankful for what God has done for you has a way of cleansing you of a selfish focus. Sin causes the believer to be self-focused, but gratitude is a result of being God-focused. A thankful heart always helps you to overcome sin.

Sixth, it takes a continual yielding to the Holy Spirit. The offerings were to be mixed with oil, and oil is a picture of the Holy Spirit. If you want to overcome sin, you must continually yield yourself to the Holy Spirit and follow His leading in your life.

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