Communing With God

Exodus 31:18
“And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God.”

When people ask me what one piece of advice would I give to them, I always tell them to walk with God. There is probably nobody in the Scriptures who walked with God in such an intimate manner as did Moses. Enoch was certainly known as a person who walked with God, but Moses’ ministry and life was one where you see him constantly interacting with God. The verse above shows that they communed with each other for forty days and nights. Communing with God not only gave Moses the wisdom he needed to lead this great nation, but it also changed him for the better.

The word “communing” means to have a profound and intense talk with each other. When the verse above says that Moses made “an end of communing” with God, it was saying that he ended a time of intimate communication with Him. Every believer needs to have a daily time when they commune with God. Let me share with you what it takes to commune with God, and what communing with God will do for you.

First, you will never commune with God until you get alone. The reason Moses was able to commune with God was because he separated himself from his world to enter into God’s world. The believer needs to have a daily time when they leave everything in their world to enter into God’s world through prayer. You will never have the rewards of communing with God as long as you continue to let your world control your time. You must make time in your daily life when you walk away from anything or anyone in your world and choose to enter into God’s world to commune with Him about your intimate thoughts and feelings.

Second, you will never commune with God without receiving instruction. When Moses left this time of communing with God, he left with the words of God in his hands. The only way for the believer to get the mind of Christ is to spend time communing with Him in the Scriptures and prayer. You can’t have the mind of Christ if you never let Him talk to you through His Word and if you never talk to Him in prayer. You will always receive the greatest wisdom and instruction to face your daily challenges in that time when you commune with God.

Third, you will never commune with God without getting a commission. God gave Moses the instruction of the commandments so that he could give those same instructions to the people of Israel. You will find that communing with God always causes you to see God’s challenge for what you are to do that day. The time when God communes with you is a commissioning time for the believer. It is in the time of communing with God when you discover God’s will for your life. God will challenge your faith with a great task when you commune with Him. The greatest reason a believer’s faith is never challenged is because they never spend time communing with God. Your faith will be challenged to do something great when you commune with God.

Fourth, you will never commune with God without being changed. Communing with God changed Moses’ countenance. Likewise, you will find that communing with God will change your countenance to make you look more like Christ. The answer to becoming like Christ is to commune with Him.

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