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I have never before done this, and may never do this again, but I believe Missionary Caleb Benson is worthy of your attention. Bro Benson and his family are missionaries to Cameroon. They have a great opportunity to purchase a building for their ministry. I’m asking every Pastor to consider taking a special offering to help the Benson’s with this opportunity. I am not asking you to do something I have not done in my church. Any donations can be sent to BIMI. Please put on the memo line of the check, Caleb Benson #1459 Building fund. Below is Bro Benson’s explanation of this need. Please know that he did not ask me to do this, but the LORD impressed on my heart to ask. I would ask that you would prayerfully consider this request.


We are looking at buying the partially built building and land pictured below. The asking price is 14,500,000 CFA, which is equal to about $27,500 USD. The land is 11 meters wide by 43 meters long. The building permits have already been acquired and approved by the Buea Council. This is a big help because to get building permits could cost an additional $2000. Since the plans are approved we would continue to build the outside of the structure according to the plans. We would build the bottom floor first and begin using it, and as we grow and raise the funds we would build the second floor. The second floor would just be a large auditorium and we would add it as it becomes necessary. This is a great opportunity as the price of land in the city is constantly on the rise. This property is priced much lower than others in the same area. Attached are some pictures and also a Excel spreadsheet of our supporting churches. On the Excel sheet I have indicated some who have already given, and some who intend to give. I did not include my Grandma, but she has donated $300 also. So the total collected is $3,450. What we still need is about $24,000. If you have any other questions, or need any other information don’t hesitate to email me.

Thank you,
Caleb Benson

The Benson Family ~ Missionaries to Cameroon ~ 559-512-1088 ~


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