Decorating the Palace

1 Chronicles 4:23
“These were the potters, and those that dwelt among plants and hedges: there they dwelt with the king for his work.”

In every work, there are people who are never recognized because they work behind the scenes, but they are as important to the work as those who hold prominent positions. God said in the verse above, “These were the potters, and those that dwelt among plants and hedges…” I would imagine this group of people never thought that they would be recognized for their work, but God knew the importance of them decorating the palace. To some people, these potters and landscapers were probably considered not as important as the king, but not God. The potters made the vessels that beatified the palace. The landscapers pulled the weeds and kept the hedges trimmed and healthy so that the wild foxes could not eat of the king’s vineyard. Though they were not the prominent figures of the Scriptures, they were as important as the kings we read about in the Chronicles.

These potters and landscapers are no different from those who work behind the scenes in every church. There are many who feel that the pastor, staff, deacons, and musicians are the most important in the church, but God’s reckoning of importance is that everyone is essential to His work. The verse above gives several lessons about the importance of those who decorate the palace.

First, every servant of God is important to God. You may feel that your job is not that important to the LORD’s work, but if you are working for the LORD, you are a significant part in accomplishing His work. What you must understand is that it takes several different types of servants to decorate the LORD’s work. No matter what you may feel about the importance of your responsibility in the church, God feels it is of great importance.

Second, if you are involved in the LORD’s work, you are working in the presence of God. You will notice that these potters and landscapers “dwelt with the king.” Never allow yourself to think that you are not as close to the LORD as those who deliver the truths of God’s Word. Every person who does something for the LORD in the church is working in His presence.

Third, all who are saved should be involved in the work of the LORD. These who “dwelt with the king” dwelt with him so they could work. The Christian life should not be a leisure walk in the park, but a responsibility to work for the Saviour in His harvest. You may not feel that what you are doing can help people get saved, but anything that allows the work of God to continue to go forward is an important part in helping the church to reach the lost for Christ.

Fourth, all who are working for the LORD should spend time with Him. These potters and landscapers were in the presence of the king every day. They had the privilege of communing with him in a way that others could not. If you are involved in the work of the LORD, you have an opportunity to talk to Him in a way that those who sit on the sidelines don’t have. All you have to do to draw near to Him is to fall on your knees in prayer to gain the strength and wisdom you need to do His work.

My friend, you may not feel that what you do in the LORD’s work is important, but God does. Let me encourage you not to take it for granted and to realize its importance to God.

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