1 Corinthians 1:27
“But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;”

When you look at what God chooses to use to do His work, you find that He doesn’t really seem to know how to choose the best. In fact, when you look at God’s choice, you realize that He doesn’t seem to have the best tools to get things done. When you consider what is in God’s toolbox, you quickly realize that all He has to use is a bunch of dirty and broken tools to accomplish His work.

What are the tools God has to use? God has chosen “the foolish things of the world,” “the weak things of the world,” the “base things of the world,” the “things which are despised,” “and the things which are not.” This list is one of the worst lists of choices a person could seem to have to build a team. The list of qualifications that God uses appears to be a list of outcasts in society, but He is able to use these outcasts of society to accomplish great works.

This list is simply a description of how the world looked at Jesus’ disciples, yet He was able to take these eleven men and turn the world upside down with the Gospel. Jesus’ disciples were considered ignorant, foolish, low-lifes, deplorable, and were despised by the “elite” of their day, yet these ignorant men were the men God used to bring the Gospel to the world. Several lessons of encouragement can be found in these verses.

First, the world has a poor history of measuring what is useful to God. You will notice that three times it says, “…of the world.” Who the world considers inept and of no value is often the greatest tool in the hand of God. The world may have told you that you can do nothing, but in God’s toolbox you are a valuable tool. You may think of yourself as unintelligent, poor, and of no use, but you must never fall for the trap of looking at what God can do through you through the eyes of the world.

Second, a useless tool to the world is a powerful tool in the hand of God. My friend, you must realize that God doesn’t need your intelligence, talent, connections, or any other thing that the world may consider of value; what God needs is your willingness to be used in any way He deems necessary. Your deficiencies are the beginning point of God’s power working through your life. When you can’t do anything is where God can do great things. You may consider yourself useless, but God sees you as a tool that He can use for His glory.

Third, God wants the outcasts and useless of society because He gets the glory for what is done. If God only chose that which is useful in the world’s view, the world would easily explain it as the talent that made God’s work happen; however, when God uses what the world considers useless to accomplish great things, the world can’t help but realize it was the mighty power of God that made the work happen.

My friend, I don’t know what you think of yourself, but you must realize that no matter what deficiency you think you have, God can use it for His glory. All you have to do to be used of God is to be willing and available for God to use you like you are. Never allow your shortcomings and deficiencies to be your excuse to sit on the sidelines. Give what you have to God, and you will find that He will take your “deficiencies” and use them to accomplish His great work.

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